The Pulse Podcast | S1E2: Kevin Fiscor of Fiscor Heating & Cooling | April 28, 2020

The Pulse chats with Kevin Fiscor, owner of Fiscor Heating & Cooling in central Arizona about how his business brings him joy and why he and his crew are motivated to lace up the work boots every day.

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Kevin’s skills, approach to people, and commitment to his business is why the team at FieldPulse considers him a hero. He takes in his business and the service he delivers. This pride manifests itself in actual, measurable results: his business has a perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews.

Kevin has been in the trade for 19 years and started his business three years ago. When he started in the trade, he was looking for a change from his job of waiting tables to a role where he would be outdoors and working during the day. He applied for some labor positions, but eventually an HVAC company gave him an opportunity. He fell in love with his work. As he mentioned, if you find something you would do for free, then that could be one of your life’s callings.

It wasn’t easy for Kevin to venture out on his own. The scariest thing for him was quitting his job. But he buckled down, focused his energy, and gave 100% every day. Things began falling into place quickly thereafter.

His first smart move was to find an accountant. Tax trouble is nothing to mess with. He also sought help with his web presence and SEO because he knew how important this step was for every business this day and age.

When building a team, he looks for someone who is first and foremost a people person because that is an important quality to make it in this industry. And it goes without saying that they need to be mechanically inclined to accept the training and build knowledge. It is a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and beers.

His business is weathering the COVID-19 crisis well after a period of slowness in the business. He is taking all of the precautions necessary with an eye toward maintaining his five-star rating. He doesn’t pressure customers for a review; he himself doesn’t like the hard-sell approach. But he will casually mention reviews after a successful service call in the hopes that a motivated customer will give the feedback.

He is a FieldPulse advocate, and discusses how he used the platform to run his Arizona-based business from vacation in New Jersey. It helped him relax since he was still able to easily communicate with customers, schedule jobs, get real-time updates on the jobs, and know when they were completed.

Kevin is the type of business owner that works hard to make every day a great day. We honor and applaud Kevin and his team. Rock on!

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