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Find, Filter, and Facelift: FieldPulse’s May 2020 Release

nicole@fieldpulse.com | May 6, 2020

The mission at FieldPulse is centered around your success in your business and your trade. We listened to our customers to hear how we can make our really awesome software even better than before to help you run your service business. Today we are releasing an incredible series of improvements that will help all contractors and operators of field service business with their everyday.

Improved Menu & Navigation

We’ve made it even easier to use the FieldPulse. Everything that contractors love, including job management, CRM, invoicing, attachments, and more, are now easier to find thanks to a redesigned left side navigation. 

Estimates & Invoices Made Easier

Preparing and sending estimates and invoices needs to be ridiculously easy even for folks back in the office. By helping the teams who do your job documentation, we’re making sure that these important documents get generated faster and with fewer errors, which means you get paid faster.

You will now be able to filter your estimates and invoices by status to review where they are in the process.

FieldPulse | New Filter Overview Estimates

Estimate Status includes:

  • Draft
  • Sent to Customer
  • Accepted by Customer
  • Rejected by Customer
  • Job Scheduled
  • Ready to Invoice
  • Lost

Invoice Status includes:

  • Invoice Draft
  • Invoiced
  • Partially Paid
  • Paid
  • Void

Another filter option is available for team members who created the invoice to help track sales commission.

Finally, we reduced the number of steps it takes to create a new Estimate or Invoice for a new customer who is not set up in FieldPulse. When you go to enter the Customer Name in the estimate or invoice you will now have an option to create a New Customer from this screen.

Purchase Order Functionality

Purchasing for large projects carries substantial risk. Exceeding purchasing budgets or spending outside of contracted amounts can cost you margin and profitability.

FieldPulse’s new purchase order functionality keeps your pockets as full as they can be! 

To activate Purchase Orders in your FieldPulse app:

You will now see Purchase Orders under Billing on the left navigation.

When creating a new purchase order you can easily add in Suppliers, saved or new line items and, a note for any special instructions. When you are completed the Purchase Order will automatically be emailed to the supplier if you included their email address.

Just like with estimate and invoices, you can easily filter your Purchase Orders by Status to see where they are in the process.

Now it is time to get started with your Free 14-day Trial of FieldPulse to see the difference it can make to your business.

Try FieldPulse FREE for 14 Days

Contractors and small field service operators rave about FieldPulse, the simple and easy scheduling, job management, invoicing solution that is easy to use and makes running your business a piece of cake. All FieldPulse subscriptions include friendly, live, US-based support and a complementary membership to FieldPulse Academy where you can access a community of similar business operators sharing free tips and advice.

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