24 of the Best Electrician Jokes and Memes

In the electrical field, there’s a lot to be serious about. But everybody loves a good joke. So we rounded up the Top 24 best electrician jokes and memes we could find. Each one has social sharing links, so feel free to share this article or post your favorite meme!

    1. 1. No Outlet

      You couldn’t ask for better signage!

      No Outlet

    2. 2. The truth hertz

      As an electrician, you have to strip to make ends meet.

      The truth hertz

    3. 3. Trust me, I’m an electrician

      Watt could go wrong?

      Trust me, I

    4. 4. Challenge Accepted

      Until next time, America.

      Challenge Accepted

    5. 5. Every time.

      When in doubt, blame the apprentice.

      Every time.

    6. 6. You’re in for a shock.

      I don’t always buy new pliers, but when I do, I blow them up in the first week.


    7. 7. Lost

      Still manage to miss the house


    8. 8. This one hits close to home.

      Let me sit down first, Karen.

      This one hits close to home.

    9. 9. I’m stumped

      This is a case for the FBI


    10. 10. It’s probably fine.

      When you hit the breaks and hear the cordless drill start.


    11. 11. Close enough

      When the electrician won’t be there for a few days.

      Close enough

    12. 12. Love hertz

      The first step is admitting you have a problem.

      Love hertz

    13. 13. When in doubt, heat it out

      1/2 drive breaker bar plus cheater pipe = success… or catastrophic failure.

      When in doubt, heat it out

    14. 14. Do you even lift, bruh?

      When you’re too busy to get to the gym

      Do you even lift, bruh?

    15. 15. Don’t blow a fuse, Coral.

      He couldn’t resist-or.


    16. 16. Did I…?

      It’s even worse when you were in an attic or crawl space.

      Did I...?

    17. 17. TGIF

      It’s been 84 years


    18. 18. Oh, snap!

      Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

      Oh, snap!

    19. 19. Also: Walking off the job

      Maybe there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

      Also: Walking off the job

    20. 20. Problem Solving

      Also: “Trying to figure out an issue after you fixed it a year ago”

      Problem Solving

    21. 21. Knock Knock

      This joke’s a little old. Sorry we don’t have a more current one.

      Knock Knock

    22. 22. The Feels When

      Raise your hand if your wife could probably pass the journeyman’s test.

      The Feels When

    23. 23. It’s Easy They Said

      Parts are strewn across the countertop, faucet is completely gutted, and finish marred

      “It probably just needs a washer”


    24. 24. Could You Show Me?

      That looks easy enough.

      Could You Show Me?