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QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online vs Desktop

You need accounting software, yet you are plagued with the anxiety of choice. Do a quick online search, and you find that a particularly well-known and recommended company, QuickBooks, is the most highly-rated and lauded for its simplified accounting software. But, you’re not here for me to tell you about what you already know —...

contractor accident

The 10 Most Common Causes of On-Site Accidents for Contractors

Accidents in the workplace are going to happen. Although contractors and their work crew spend long hours in classes to acquire safety certifications and even put ironclad protection methods into place, all the training and safe practices in the world do not account for human error. Somebody forgets to secure a stepladder. Someone else left...

injury workers' compensation

Workers’ Compensation: What Every Contractor Should Know

Contractors are required to offer some level of workers’ compensation insurance to their employees in almost every state. Although regulations may vary from state to state, a contractor cannot legally operate a business without providing some form of workers’ comp as a part of an employee package. In states where contractors can opt-out of providing...

iPad invoice

Handling Customer Estimates as a Contractor

If there’s one thing that can create tension in a contractor-client relationship, it’s the estimate. When you finally get to it, it can be the make or break for your deal. How do you create and present an estimate or proposal that wins the deal without compromising your price or offering? Make sure your estimates...

The Advantages Of Getting Your Competitors’ Quotes

The adage “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” may be more true in business now than it ever was. Knowing what your competitors charge for the same project can give you the edge you need to inch ahead. Rest assured they already have done their homework on what your prices are, making...

Home Office Tax Deductions For Service Contractors

When it comes to doing taxes as a contractor, you want every opportunity to get the most deductions as possible. If you are working out of a home office, you are entitled to many tax deductions that will help you as you prepare your taxes for the next year. Your home office must be exclusive...

customer communication

Customer Communication – How Customers Want to Hear from You

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate way to win referrals and grow your service business. While quality of the job performed is important, reliability and customer interaction is equally critical to the success of your business. Customers share their experiences with friends and family and leave reviews online; you need to become their go-to recommendation for...

Handling Paid Time Off Requests

Having a vacation policy might feel like unnecessary burden – what’s wrong with playing it by ear? – but getting this particular bit of HR policy in writing is important. Paid time off plays a key role in stress management for most workers, which, when set up properly, can lead to higher productivity and decreased...

Overdue invoice

Handling Late Payments: Getting Paid While Saving Your Reputation

Handling late payments is never easy; finding the right balance between being firm enough to protect your business interests and accommodating enough to earn a strong reputation among your customers is an art. It’s a mixture of soft skills, hard policy, and rigorous account tracking, but if you have the right system in place collecting...


Should You Pay For Employee Cell Phones?

Investing in business technology is often a smart move, but should employee cell phone plans be a part of it? Modern service businesses rely heavily on mobile technology for dispatching, invoicing, and communication, but there’s a difference between buying a few tablets and giving your employees something they take home at the end of the...

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