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Tips, tricks, and guides to help you with customer management for your service business. Helpful content ranging from customer management tools to best practices.

HVAC Sales

Increase HVAC Sales with Your Current Customers

How much does it cost to acquire a new customer? With intense competition and the time-sensitive nature of HVAC repairs, most consumers make quick decisions on whom to hire. This means the cost can often be very high to get a new customer. So how do you grow HVAC sales without a big investment in...

Contractor on the phone

Telephone Etiquette for Contractors in a New World

A little over a year ago, Forbes released a report on JP Morgan Chase’s offer to eliminate voicemail for their estimated 250,000 employees located at 5600+ branches across the country. Who took the offer? Roughly two-thirds of the personnel. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that 47% of their workforce is age 35 and younger....

Waiting for phone

Following Up: The Only Way to Close the Deal

“I thought they were going with another contractor.” “I didn’t think they were ready to commit to the job.” “I figured they felt that our rates were too high for them.” “I didn’t feel like it was appropriate to pressure them into the sale.” “They’ll call me when they’re ready for me to start.”  ...

service pricing

Are You Charging The Right Amount For Your Service?

One the biggest dilemmas that business owners face is, “How much do I charge for my service or product?” Even companies that have survived the three-year ‘do or die’ pinch continue to struggle with how to adjust the prices and at what rate. With the advent of what Forbes Magazine dubbed the ‘millennial startup revolution,’ endless...

iPad invoice

Handling Customer Estimates as a Contractor

If there’s one thing that can create tension in a contractor-client relationship, it’s the estimate. When you finally get to it, it can be the make or break for your deal. How do you create and present an estimate or proposal that wins the deal without compromising your price or offering? Make sure your estimates...

roofing gutter

5 Strategies for Generating Additional Revenue for Your Contracting Business

We know, you’re a contractor, not a marketing guru. But if your business is going to survive in today’s tough, competitive market, either you or someone you trust needs to embrace modern marketing strategies to appeal to today’s homeowners. The good news is there are practical strategies you can employ to increase your revenue that...

contractor warranty

Offering Warranties for Contracting Work: Product, Installation, and Full Warranties

As a contractor, you may be called upon to perform countless installations or repairs over the course of a year. Whether these installations are for residential or commercial properties, you may agree to offer an installation warranty. A warranty both guarantees the quality of the work and gives you an opportunity to make any corrections...


Managing Your Business Reputation

  The reputation of your contracting business matters – most importantly to your customers. As I’m sure you know, having a poor reputation can dissuade customers from contacting you and it can do great harm to your business. As a contractor, word-of-mouth business is the lifeblood of your company. To make sure this part of...

damaged roof insurance claim

How to Navigate Roofing Insurance Claims

As a roofing contractor, you are often the first phone call a homeowner makes after they’ve witnessed the devastation of their property after a storm or fire.  In the midst of the chaos, you are the one who has to deal with an emotional client and a fact-finding insurance adjustor at the same time. Every...

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