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contractor accident

The 10 Most Common Causes of On-Site Accidents for Contractors

Accidents in the workplace are going to happen. Although contractors and their work crew spend long hours in classes to acquire safety certifications and even put ironclad protection methods into place, all the training and safe practices in the world do not account for human error. Somebody forgets to secure a stepladder. Someone else left...

injury workers' compensation

Workers’ Compensation: What Every Contractor Should Know

Contractors are required to offer some level of workers’ compensation insurance to their employees in almost every state. Although regulations may vary from state to state, a contractor cannot legally operate a business without providing some form of workers’ comp as a part of an employee package. In states where contractors can opt-out of providing...

fleet tracking

Managing Field Technicians: How Technology Lowers Risk

As a service business owner, you often have no idea what your field technicians are doing out in the field. Driving company cars, handling expensive equipment, and serving customers, your field technicians are out of sight but definitely not out of mind. Since you can’t follow them to every job, how do you set your...


Hiring the Right Employees

As your contracting business grows, you need to hire good employees to help you with the additional work you have gained. Finding the right employees can be difficult if you don’t go about looking for someone that reflects the values of your business and the services you provide. Knowing what to look for in the...

Handling Paid Time Off Requests

Having a vacation policy might feel like unnecessary burden – what’s wrong with playing it by ear? – but getting this particular bit of HR policy in writing is important. Paid time off plays a key role in stress management for most workers, which, when set up properly, can lead to higher productivity and decreased...


Illegal Interview Questions to Avoid

Good employees are hard to find, but sometimes the things we do to hire the right people can lead to bad consequences. Certain questions, no matter how well-intentioned, break the law. Save yourself a potential lawsuit, and make sure these kinds of questions aren’t in your interview routine. Before we get started, though, it’s important...


Should You Pay For Employee Cell Phones?

Investing in business technology is often a smart move, but should employee cell phone plans be a part of it? Modern service businesses rely heavily on mobile technology for dispatching, invoicing, and communication, but there’s a difference between buying a few tablets and giving your employees something they take home at the end of the...

Long Employee Shifts Hurt Your Business More Than You Think

As all business owners know, the job never really ends. There’s always something you need to take care of, a call you need to answer, an email you need to write; but there’s also a limit to how productive you can be without breaks or downtime. Long shifts and aggressive schedules don’t just lead to...

Contractor Insurance Crash Course

Every business needs insurance, but for contracting businesses you need more than just general liability coverage. As a small business owner, you need to be on top of your insurance plan, as a gap in coverage can lead to disastrous results. Unlike larger businesses, you aren’t in a position to carry a large deficit across multiple...

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