FieldPulse Tutorials: Creating A New Job Record

Managers have the ability to create job records for customers and assign them to team members. Job records can be created in different ways, but the most common method is using the ‘Green Action Button’ in the upper right corner while on the ‘Schedule’ page. The Green Action Button is where you will usually find the most common actions for the particular page you are on; the action changes depending on which page you’re on. We’ll walk you through creating a job record.



1) Click the ‘Green Floating Action’ button in the upper right hand corner.





2) Select the customer for the job by clicking the ‘Customer’ field and selecting the customer from the list.

If your customer does not yet exist in the system, click the ‘New Customer’ icon on the far right of the ‘Customer’ field to create a new customer profile.





3) Enter a short description/title of the job to be performed.

If you previously created Job Templates, you can quickly insert them by clicking the icon on the far right of the ‘Service Type’ field.





4) Click the ‘Start Date/Time’ and ‘End Date/Time’ to quickly adjust the scheduled job.

To find open availability in your team members’ schedules, click ‘Find Availability’ to open a gantt chart view of your schedule.





5) Enter any notes relevant to the job in the ‘Notes’ field.




6) Select the team members you wish to assign to the job record by clicking the ‘Select Team Members’ field.

All teams that you are manager of will display in the team member selector. You can select any combination of team members from any team, including multiple teams at the same time.





7) Select whether or not you wish to display a price on the job record using the ‘Billing Method’ field.

The ‘Billing Method’ field presents two options: ‘None’ and ‘Calculated from Invoice.’ If you wish to display the total sum of your invoices and their status on the job record (only visible to service agent roles and higher), then ‘Calculated from Invoice’ must be enabled.





8) To auto-generate a simple, single-line item invoice, toggle the ‘Auto-generate Basic Invoice’ field to ‘Yes’

If you provide a simple service that does not require a detailed invoice with many line items, you can save time by auto-generating a basic invoice that only contains one line item. This invoice can be modified after creation into a fully detailed invoice if necessary. Please note that this is simply a method of automatically generating a simple, basic invoice to save time; we recommend waiting until after you’ve created the job record to create detailed invoices for your customers.





9) Once your job record is fully completed and ready to be saved, click the ‘Submit’ button.

Upon saving and submitting the job record, the assigned team members will automatically receive a notification of their newly assigned work and will be available to them in their calendars.





If you need any help getting started, feel free to contact us!