FieldPulse Tutorials: Setting Up Job Templates For Quick Scheduling

Job Templates allow you to create predefined templates that insert stored information into your new job record from a single click. Your job templates can store a Job Title, Location, Notes, and an Auto-generated Invoice to automatically be inserted into your new job forms. For example, you can set up a job template for a common job such as a ‘Service Visit’ that has a standard set of notes and requires a simple one line-item invoice for ‘Service Visit’ that gets automatically generated upon creation.

1) Click the ‘Administration’ option from the left menu, select the ‘Jobs’ tab (or Projects/Services), and then select the ‘Job Templates’ secondary tab





2) On the Job Templates page, click the ‘New’ button to open a new job template



3) Enter a ‘Template Name’ for your Job Template that explains what information is stored in your template

The ‘Template Name’ is used to identify and select your template from a list when creating a job record. In this example, we will call it ‘Service Visit – Unknown Issue.’


4) Enter the ‘Job Title’ that will be used for the job form

Your ‘Job Title’ name will often be the same as your ‘Template Name’ for the template. In this example, we will also call it ‘Service Visit – Unknown Issue.’


5) Enter a ‘Location’ value if applicable

Most job locations depend on the customer and therefore will depend on which customer is selected. Leave the field blank to use the customer’s address as the location. In this example, we will leave it blank since we will use the customer’s address each time we use the template.


6) Enter any notes into the ‘Notes’ field for your job record


7) Select the default ‘Billing Method’

If you plan to have invoicing for your job record, leave the value as ‘Calculated from Invoice.’

8) Choose whether to auto-generate a basic invoice

If this job record requires a simple invoice, you can attach an auto-generated basic invoice to your template that automatically creates an invoice when the job is created.


9) Select an Invoice Item as the main invoice line item

If an Invoice Item does not yet exist in your repository for this service, you can create an Invoice Item to use for this auto-generated basic invoice. Select a price for your invoice and whether to apply tax to this line item. The invoice defaults with this line item with a quantity of 1. Although this invoice is auto-generated, it can be modified and added to like any other invoice in FieldPulse.


10) When your Job Template is setup, click ‘Save’ to save your template

Your job template will now appear in your list of job templates while creating a new job record.


11) When creating a new job, click the ‘Insert Job Template’ icon and select your job template

The field values you entered into the Job Template will now be automatically inserted into your new job so that you can quickly create the job without the need to fill in that data each time.