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How Mobile Software for Electricians Saves Your Bottom Line

You’re working on a customer’s broken outlet and the homeowner walks up to you to ask a million questions. What’s the final price for the outlet repair? Are you able to add a new outlet in another room while you’re here? Can you put a dimmer on this switch? Can I see an updated invoice? You start...

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10 Tricks to Get Invoices Paid On Time

You landed the new client, you put in the work, you sent the invoice. Now you just sit back, pat yourself on the back, and wait to get paid, right? Wrong. The money never comes. You hear nothing from the client. Unfortunately, this happens all too often in business. Sometimes they legitimately forget, and sometimes...

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Mobile Invoicing Software – Get Paid Faster

How often has this scenario happened to you? You show up on time, bring all the right equipment, do a fantastic job for your customer, and are out of there on time. Smiles all around and you move on to your next appointment of the day. No worries. Except you didn’t get paid for your...