Using Apps to Estimate a Painting Job

Paint Estimator AppWe’re fortunate to live in a modern age where technology makes everything easier than it used to be – especially when it comes to running a painting business. Back in the earlier years, bids had to be written out with pen and paper. This doesn’t just make it take longer to write out an estimate. It also requires a paint contractor to be able to remember all of his figures by heart.

Now, bidding on a painting job couldn’t get any easier, thanks to the opportunity to use paint estimating software (here‘s a free one!) to draw up your estimates for you. Not only does this make your estimates appear more professional, but it also makes bidding on jobs a lot easier.

Start Off By Creating Item Templates for Common Services

This is where you’re going to save tons of time when you go bid on prospective painting jobs. By having items and their details setup ahead of time, you won’t have to repeatedly put them into the app. All you have to do is select the item template when creating the estimate, and BAM, all of the default values will be filled in automatically.

Sure there are times when this won’t work, but it will work for services such as:

  • Additional Coats in Excess of Original Quote
  • Cabinet Painting
  • Door Installation
  • Drywall Installation/Repair
  • Painting a Room

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the things that you can set up ahead of time in an effort to cut down on the work involved with putting in your bid. You can also drill down your painting items that are pre-created. Having a template allows you to quickly charge a set price per square foot or a certain price per hour.

Keeping track of customers’ information couldn’t be more simple.

Remember the days of having records scattered across the desk and filing cabinets that were full to the brim? Even if you don’t, just know that those days weren’t free of headaches. By using a comprehensive paint estimator app, you’ll be able to see why some of the world’s biggest companies have jumped on the opportunity to go paperless.

Replace what has been proven to take hundreds, if not thousands of pages of paper. From company expenses to itemized job details to payroll, everything can come into one tool without  the bulky paperwork. On top of all this, you’ll find that audits and paydays are easier than one could ever think of them being (your accountant will even thank you).

Painting Calculator App

Keep your measurements/tasks in one central place

While we just discussed keeping all of your records in one place, this benefit definitely deserves a little bit more elaboration. When you go to bid on a job, you won’t have to fumble with the notepad anymore. The best approach is to use a tablet. This way you can have it on you at all times during the bidding process.

What you’ll notice is a more detailed manner in which you approach things. You can make notes of certain aspects of the job that need to be remembered. Plus you can keep track of the measurements of each room, door, etc. When it’s time to get the job done, every detail down to the grain of dust is laid out in the most efficient manner possible.

Contract signings are instant instead of days later.

You’ll want a paint estimator app that allows you to zoom in on even the smallest details. A good app should allow you to collect a signature on-site as you share the contract. Getting a signed contract as soon as you bid can transform your business. This will help you secure the deposit on the project a lot sooner while presenting a polished, professional image.

Just imagine the advantages of going this route instead of having to come back later after the contract is typed up. Don’t worry, you have full control over what the contract says as well as a starting point to work from. This really takes out all of the guessing usually involved.

Ready to really improve your bidding process?

If you’re ready to unleash the power of modern technology in your business, try signing up for a  free trial of FieldPulse. Keeping all of your business information in one place, ready and available on the go, will change how you estimate jobs. If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly or leave a comment below.