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Digital Invoice

Your Customers Want Electronic Invoices

You’ve been handwriting estimates and invoices for years; it’s been getting the job done well before the prevalence of smartphones. But simply getting the job done is not enough anymore. Are you wasting precious time, making mistakes, and disappointing customers? Learn why handwritten invoices simply don’t cut it in today’s digital world. All-in-one business management...

square payments

How Square Mobile Payments Can Make Your Life Easier

Sixty-nine percent of Americans carry less than $50 in cash, and thirty-eight percent don’t write checks, which can make it hard to take payments on site. When you’re reliant on invoices and phone calls to collect payments, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks, and the way the demographics skew, it looks like...

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10 Tricks to Get Invoices Paid On Time

You landed the new client, you put in the work, you sent the invoice. Now you just sit back, pat yourself on the back, and wait to get paid, right? Wrong. The money never comes. You hear nothing from the client. Unfortunately, this happens all too often in business. Sometimes they legitimately forget, and sometimes...