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Are You Charging The Right Amount For Your Service?

One the biggest dilemmas that business owners face is, “How much do I charge for my service or product?” Even companies that have survived the three-year ‘do or die’ pinch continue to struggle with how to adjust the prices and at what rate. With the advent of what Forbes Magazine dubbed the ‘millennial startup revolution,’ endless...


Pricing Your Painting Services: Finding The Balance of Price & Quality

As a painting contractor, you know how important it is to price a job right. But, there is also something to be said for quality over price. Sure, you can use cheaper materials such as low-grade paint but will your customers really be happy with results? Finding the right balance between quality and price is...

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Learn to Attract Good Customers and Avoid Bad Customers Using Customer Profiles

How would you describe your ideal customer? What about your worst customer? With the right approach, you can attract more of the former and a lot less of the latter. Whenever a business offers a service, the way they present it influences how and why customers respond. If you’ve been attracting the wrong kinds of...