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Estimating Software to Impress Customers and Win More Service Jobs

October 14, 2020
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Winning new jobs isn’t as easy as it used to be. 

Customers want more, and they want it at the lowest price possible. They’ll flip to your competitor down the street in the blink of an eye if they think they can get a better deal and they are definitely not interested in being “sweet-talked” anymore. 

But what if you stopped trying to verbally persuade them to hire you and instead win the job with an accurate, professional estimate that speaks for itself? 

This is where great estimating software comes in. 

No more human errors. 

No more wasted time. 

No more unprofessional hand-written documents. 

An estimate is the first thing a potential customer receives from you; and likely the deciding factor of whether to hire you. Finding out your timeline for the job and estimated final cost will either make them hire you or go to that other guy down the street.   

Be the business they choose by showing your reliability, professionalism, and good business practices with electronic estimates. 

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How Can Estimating Software Benefit Your Service Business?

Create Estimates On-Site or On-the-Go

How many times have you or one of your field techs met or chatted with a customer about a potential job, returned to the office to draft an estimate, called the customer back, and found out that they’ve gone ahead with a competitor who was quicker? 

Nothing is worse than losing a potential customer this way. While technically you’ve done nothing wrong, you were just too slow.

Hand-written estimates or estimates that must be created at the office are too slow for customers who need a job completed. You want to be waiting on them to make a decision rather than them waiting on you to provide an estimate. 

With estimating software, there is no calling them back, there is no going back to the office, and there is no waiting. You can create and deliver a professional and accurate estimate on-site. Specifically, with FieldPulse software, you don’t even need a desktop computer. You can generate estimates on your phone and email it directly to the customer.

In minutes, your potential customer can have an estimate that looks like this: 

FieldPulse Estimate

Save Line Items

It’s unrealistic to expect yourself or your field techs to accurately recall the prices of materials, equipment, and services — that’s just asking for mistakes to be made. 

With this service software, you can input and save each piece of material, equipment, and service you offer as well as their specific prices into the app for all future estimate creation. It can even delineate different quantities and tax applications. 

You can add new line items into the system, update current ones, and remove outdated ones at any time. 

More Accurate, Automatic Calculations

Estimating software can help you quickly add all the necessary materials and services the customer will be charged for into the estimate with the correct price connected to each. Add something you didn’t mean to? You can quickly remove it from the estimate and continue on. Realize you forgot a few items? You can easily add them in before you hit send. 

As well, no more need to personally (and painstakingly) calculate the total, the app will handle it all for you. Not only will the potential customer get to see the itemized breakdown but the final estimated cost too. 

Pulse Tip: One of the biggest advantages of estimating software is that the total cost of the job can be calculated automatically; removing human error and potentially saving 20% of the cost of the project by avoiding rework.

There’s no time like the present to deliver estimates that are as close in-line with the final cost as possible.

Avoid Legal Disputes and Disagreements With Customers

Arguing with a customer when it comes time for them to pay their invoice or even having a legal dispute is every service business owner’s worst nightmare. If you want to stay away from anything, it’s that. 

Accurate estimates can help eliminate this difficult situation from occurring. When the estimate is accurate and in-line with the final price, the customer is fully aware of the cost from the beginning. There is no miscommunication and they hire you with full transparency. As well, if they do push back on the final cost, you have digital documentation that they received the estimated and signed off on the job. 

While things can change during a job and sometimes charges must be added, the more accurately you can communicate cost from the beginning, the better. 

Estimating Software for Electricians, Contractors, and More!

What’s great about FieldPulse estimating software for electricians and other service businesses is that it is specifically built for your needs.

We know the struggles you face with winning new customers, effectively communicating, and getting repeat customers. That’s why we strive to anticipate your every need when it comes to generating estimates that impress on the spot. On top of that, our team is here for you. Have a problem with the app? We’re just a quick phone call away! 

How Does FieldPulse Estimating Software Work? 

It’s simple. 

  • Step 1: Open the app in your phone, computer, or tablet
  • Step 2: Choose the estimate tab and click “New Estimate” 
  • Step 3: Add all necessary fields including pre-saved line items to the document
  • Step 4: Save and view PDF where you can print, email and have the customer sign. 

At the end of the job, if no alterations are needed, you can even convert the estimate into an invoice by simply changing the status and regenerating the PDF. 

No more recreating estimates or invoices. No more wasted time. 

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