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Send Free Estimates & Invoices with SimplySend

August 24, 2020
More Efficiency, Less Paperwork. Easily manage jobs, customers, scheduling, employees, and business costs and profit.
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There's a big difference between working "on your business" vs. working "in your business". Often times we get caught up working in our business - customer calls, writing estimates, sending invoices, etc.

This makes it much harder to step back and work "on your business" – identifying opportunities to grow, finding new ways to charge more for your work, thinking about your hiring plan, etc.

The goal of FieldPulse's SimplySend, it's free invoice and estimate app, is to offer a 100% free tool to make the day-to-day easier for your entire team so that you can spend more of your time working on your business.

Simplifying the invoicing and estimating process while on-site, allows you to make the sale right then and there, as well as capture payment and digital signature. No need for print-outs, paperwork or scans.

Quickly build digital estimates and invoices.

SimplySend offers the ability to pull from commonly used line items, use bundled items/services, retrieve standard pricing, and create detailed estimates in minutes. With just a few taps, present your customer with complete estimates and invoices.Available on iOS, Android, and browser webapp, you can create, modify, or view your estimates on all of your devices — from computer to smartphone or tablet!

Create, send, and sign on the spot.

No more hassling with calculations and finding space to write. Create and email digital estimate and invoices while standing next to your customer. All documents can be customized to include additional PDFs (like service and payment terms), attach contracts, and capture digital signatures on-site. Beautiful PDFs can be sent from anywhere!When your customer approves the work, there’s no need to start over. Quickly convert your estimate to an invoice and collect payment on the spot (or by email). Electronic estimates and invoices help you close deals faster and keep everything organized.

Keep tabs on invoices.

Invoices and Estimates for Contractors

Managing opportunities and outstanding invoices can be a challenge for any contractor. SimplySend helps you keep track of open estimates and invoices for quick and easy follow up. Never miss another opportunity, and quickly collect on unpaid invoices. With tools like built-in payments and a powerful customer database, stay on top of your business and manage your cash flow.

Building Your Business

Whether you're considering SimplySend or FieldPulse, chances are that you are looking to get more from your business. And having the rights tools in place to manage your business day-to-day is a big step. Streamline your efforts with business management software. And start using consistent processes that can be repeated as you grow. You'll simplify scheduling, make estimating and invoicing easier, keep track of your employees in the field, and have the data you need to make those high level changes to your business.Sign up now for a free, 14-day trial of FieldPulse or download SimplySend here. Get started right away with a quick on-boarding process and one-on-one training from our customer success team.

Easy to use,
easy to customize,
and easy on your wallet.