It’s Not What You Sell, It’s How You Sell

April 2, 2021
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As a trade service provider, a great deal of your time is spent dealing with both current and prospective customers. Even though you’ve been expertly trained in your craft, we’re betting you haven’t been trained in the art of sales. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad salesman, we just want to turn you into a great one. That’s why we’ve created a quick, easy, and comprehensive guide that will help you hone your sales skills, and as a result of that, start winning more business.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

It’s essential that before you engage in any kind of sales interaction that you’re well prepared for every question your prospect could throw at you. The tips we’ve listed below will help set you up for success:

Who Are You Selling To?

Odds are this tip is one you probably already knew about, but it’s important to define who exactly you’re selling to, and get to know them. However, if you want to take it to the next level, build a persona (likes/dislikes, pain points, and characteristics) of your average customer. If you want to get even more specific, build one of these personas for each customer demographic you service.

What Is Your Desired Outcome?

It’s important to clearly identify for yourself what your desired outcome is, so you can easily communicate it to your prospective customers. Start by listing your desired outcomes, and then build two sentences around each outcome. The more straightforward and honest you are with your prospect about your goals, the more likely they will be to trust you. 

Prep your story

Your customer may ask about your business’ background, so make sure you’ve prepped a short yet comprehensive story. Create a basic elevator pitch, which sums up your business’ inception, it’s growth, your core service, and finally, ask for what you want. 

Prep Your Messaging

This isn’t just about touting your product’s features, hoping that your buyer chooses you over your competition. That approach only puts you in value comparison with similar solutions, and it forces a competitive bake-off. Instead, be sure that you can clearly articulate the value in your offerings in concise sentences. 

Creating the Urgency to Change

Answer this question for yourself, “why should I choose you/your business when I have so many other options? And more importantly, why should I do it now?” Even though your customer may not ask this to your face, it’s definitely a question that’s buzzing in the back of their mind. 

Identify Any Pain Points

It’s helpful to think of some common pain points your customer base may be experiencing when hiring another company that’s similar to yours. Are they having trouble scheduling appointments? What about invoicing? Do they want a rock solid warranty? When they eventually express these concerns to you, you’ll be prepared to anticipate their needs and offer solutions.

Put It All Together

Now that you’ve done your research on your customer and prepped your key talking points, it’s time to put it all together. We’ve included a basic framework for in-person sales, so no matter the medium you’re conversing over, you’ll be well prepared.

Step 1: When Was The Last Time...

Ask them about the last time they used a similar service, and what their experience was like. This is a great opportunity to get info about their pain points and identify them.

Step 2: Pain Points

Draw attention to the pain points that they mentioned, and ask them to elaborate!

Step 3: Emphasize Importance

Emphasize the importance of the activity they last used the service for. Now is your chance to convince your prospect that even a simple plumbing job has a massive impact on the comfort, strength, and functionality of their home. Use the information provided in Steps 1-2. 

Step 4: Here’s The Solution

Provide a solution with a clear benefit. Show them that you’re the solution that they may not have even known they needed, and make sure that the benefit is clearly communicated. 

Step 5: Sell Something Bigger

This step follows a similar format to Step 3, in that you’re convincing the prospect that there is far more at stake than just a few dollars. Now is the time to deliver your sale with a healthy dose of emphasis. It’s not just replacing some piping, it’s ensuring that your home’s plumbing foundation will be reliable and rock solid for whatever comes its way.

Step 6: Remove Their Risk

This is when all that preparation you did comes in handy. Offer the prospect your services completely risk free. This could come in the form of a free inspection, a solid warranty, refunds for unsatisfactory work, it’s up to you! The goal here is to make your offer so good and so low risk, that it would be stupid of them to refuse. 

Finally, ask for their business! 

“One of the most important things any of these businesses could do is listen to their prospect and ensure they understand their problem. A lot of the time, it's about how you sell, not what you sell. Essentially, that just means people want to buy from those they relate to and feel that they are understood.” 

-Sam Denman, VP of Sales at FieldPulse

Start Landing More Sales

We started off by defining who you’re selling to, your desired outcome, your prospect’s main pain points, and tips to help instill the urgency to change.

From there, you pulled these answers together to lay the groundwork for a successful sale: Find out when they last used a similar service, bring pain points to the forefront, emphasize importance, provide a solution with a clear benefit, sell them something bigger, remove their risk, and finally, ask for their business! 

Congratulations! You’re now fully prepared to start landing more sales, but don’t forget the most important part! People want to buy from those they relate to, and feel that they’ve been understood. It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell.

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