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Why Your Cleaning Business Needs a Management Tool During COVID

November 30, 2020
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Our world has changed a lot this year with COVID-19. One of the biggest impacts has been the need for businesses to set up strong cleaning regiments.

For cleaning companies who are meeting that need, it’s vital to find the best way to streamline your business practices.

From providing professional estimates and invoices to swift and easy job scheduling, cleaning businesses will need a service management app to help simplify their day-to-day.

Why you need a cleaning management app during COVID

The world is changing and that means your business must also change to stay relevant. Organization, time management, and communication play critical roles in cleaning businesses more than ever before.

As your business sees an uptick in your service requests due to COVID-19, investing in a trusted service management app is essential. Not only will it help you meet the challenges of COVID, it will also help you grow and strengthen your business so it thrives in all environments.

Benefits of cleaning service management software

Increase efficiency by going paperless

Investing in a service management app allows your cleaning business to go paperless. Using paper documents wastes time and money. Plus, when your business is paperless, you’re making a concerted effort to reduce contact during COVID.

Increase productivity

Asking your team to download a random service management app isn’t enough to increase productivity. You need to use one featuring customizations specifically for your business. Increase your team’s productivity by tracking jobs in real-time, pulling up customer data instantly, and eliminating the need for teams to keep track of paper documents.

Easy job scheduling

Streamline workflows by creating recurring jobs directly in the app. In addition to maintaining a schedule for you and your team, it’s easy to make changes as necessary. You can even send reminders about jobs and customers to team members in the field any time and from anywhere.

Professional invoices

Invoicing is a critical step for every cleaning business. Instead of submitting a handwritten invoice or depending on your team members’ notes, you can create professional invoices using your service management app’s data. Include payment info, client names, service dates, team member hours, and contact information — all in one clean, digital invoice.

Employee time tracking

Some cleaning jobs require more time than others. Incorporating a service management app into your team’s work routines allows you to track their activities in real-time. With this data, you can track employee hours for payments and commissions, as well as better schedule jobs based on past work.

Customer satisfaction

Team members aren’t the only ones who dislike paperwork. Your clients also don’t like handling a lot of different documents. Whether they’re making a payment or reviewing an estimate, clients will love the hassle-free nature of a service management app. Plus, making it easier on your clients can not only improve customer satisfaction ratings, but also help secure a much desired referral.

Choose the best business management app for your cleaning business

By embracing a service management app for your cleaning business, your team will stay organized and provide real-time client support. As we continue overcoming the challenges that COVID presents, be sure to begin incorporating these easy solutions into your day-to-day.

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