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One form of marketing has stood the test of time for brick and mortar businesses – business cards! As one of the key parts of the first impression your customer gets of your business, it’s important that you’ve taken the time to craft a card that is beautifully designed, sleek, and pleasant to the touch. Business cards will help your customers to distinguish you from your competitions, as well as hold valuable contact, service, and business hour information. They’re also a great tool for networking with other businesses in your community, and in some ways, your business card will make your pitch for you.

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Before you start thinking about how your business card is going to look, you should first decide on what information you want to communicate through the card. What are the most important bits of info that you want in your customers hands? At their most basic, business card should include:

Contact Information

This would include your name, your business’s phone number, email address, and website.

Business Information

This includes your business’ name and logo. If you want to get fancy with it, you can also include information like hours of operation, social media accounts, and services you offer. You can even use a QR Code Generator to create a custom QR code that makes all your business information just a scan away.
Our team created this example of a business card on Canva and added a QR code. We used our favorite app, Beaconstac , to link this QR code directly to our business site. You can scan it with your phone to test it out!

License Number

This is optional to include, unless your state or county requires you to present your license number on your business card. Business cards can also be a great opportunity to market your business , whether you’re looking for referrals, reviews, or future business. Now, none of these next examples are required, but if you end up having extra room on your business card, consider adding one of these!
Pro-Tip: If you leave the back of your business card blank, you can leave a quick, handwritten note in this space for customers to personalize it.


If you’re just starting out, don’t have a logo or any design skills, and want a stack of business cards that look professional, VistaPrint is your best bet. Sleek, professional business cards can be created in seconds using their premade templates. And you can order 500 standard matte cards for $20, often with free shipping and 15-25% off your first order (check your email account for a discount after signing up).
Alternatively, you can get business cards FREE with one of UZMarketing’s marketing bundles. UZMarketing offers some of the best package deals for businesses just starting. Plus, they’re willing to price match + take off 5% if you can find a better deal!

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