What’s in a logo ? A logo is a visual representation of your business, and quickly communicates who you are via text or image. It’s important to take the time to really understand your business’s brand, and then craft a logo that reflects its values, offerings, and personality. A great logo will help you stand out in your customers’ minds.

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A good logo usually costs anywhere from $200-$800 on average, but you can get them as cheap as $50. Logos can also often be bundled with other marketing material designs like truck wraps, flyers, website designs, t-shirt designs, and more for a better deal.
As a rule, it’s a good idea to spend a little extra and get a professional design. A professional will know what goes into creating the right format so that your logo can be used across everything from digital and print to large designs like car wraps.


A best practice is to utilize the KISS method (keep it simple silly) so that your logo is simple enough to recreate, can be easily recognized, and will look good across your branded materials.
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As for how it should look, at the end of the day, you’re trying to convey a message about who your business is to your customers. Build a brand, not a logo. What’s most important to convey to your customers: would they care more that your business is family-owned and affordable or modern and highly specialized?
The way you communicate these ideas is expressed in the following elements:
Oftentimes, they don’t realize this cuts into your time and profit. Make it abundantly clear how far in advance customers need to cancel to avoid any costs or no-show fees.

Style & Typography

When deciding on your typographic style, ask yourself which font best conveys your customers’ values. Should your typography feel classic or modern? Mature or youthful? Economical or luxurious? For example, a thin, sleek font gives the subconscious impression that the company is modern.
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What your company does should be immediately clear from the symbols or graphics you use. For example, an electrician might use elements like a lightbulb, plugin, or lightning bolt while a plumber might use water, drains, or a wrench.
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Every color can elicit a subconscious response from those who view it. Many people associate the color green with environmental solutions and blue is one of the most common colors used for logos because of its neutrality and association with calm and trust.
When designing your logo, it’s best to keep it simple with three colors at the most. Remember, the more complicated your logo becomes, the more expensive it will be to reproduce that logo on marketing materials. mm
It’s also a good idea to avoid using red in your logo – while it’s great for catching attention (“stopping” people like a stop sign), it fades the quickest. You can learn more about the psychology behind color , but for now here’s a quick cheatsheet:
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If creating a logo just isn’t your speed, that’s alright, they’re easy to purchase! When you start looking for where to buy your logo, be sure to reach out to your personal network first or utilize social media to locate a logo designer. Below, we’ve listed a few logo creation site suggestions, as well as details and opportunities associated with each.

99 Designs

99designs provides a marketplace of designers you can hire to create everything from logos to truck wraps and social media banners. There are two ways to get a logo designed on 99designs: work one-on-one with a designer listed inside the marketplace or host a design contest.
Design contests start at $299-$1,299. During contests, you’ll receive 30+ logo designs to choose from based on your specific preferences like color and style and you can give real-time feedback to designs.
Alternatively, you can hire designers to create an entire branding package for you complete with a logo, business card, and Facebook cover for $599.99 and then tack on any additional needs, like flyers, t-shirt designs, or EDDM postcards. You can learn more about how design contests work here .
While there are cheaper alternatives, 99designers requires a strict application process to join and is partnered with Vistaprint so you can send designs there directly to be printed.

48 Hours Logo

48hourslogo is essentially a cheaper alternative to 99designs with faster turnaround and less stringent requirements for designers to join. Like 99designs, you can host a contest for $29 plus an additional prize fee ranging from $99-$198, where multiple designers submit logo designs. The higher your prize, the more designers will likely enter and the better quality the designers who enter. Besides having a logo designed, you can also request designers put together a brand identity package for you with business cards, t-shirts, social media covers, and car/truck wraps. For just $328, you’ll receive a logo with matching designs for your business cards, t-shirts, social media covers, and a car/truck wrap. You can learn more about how the process works here .


Get 1-3 designs from one designer or multiple designs from multiple designers from $109-$739. Like 99designs and 48hourslogo, DesignCrowd offers logos, business cards, flyers, and t-shirt designs with the option to create a contest or hire a designer. However, DesignCrowd gives more options when looking for a designer, like the ability to hire someone locally.


Fiverr is the most affordable option for logo designs – but often lacks the quality and options on other sites. Prices range everywhere from $5 to $5000 with skill levels of designers ranging from amateur to professional. If you decide to order from Fiverr, it’s crucial to make sure the designer will include a vector image and printable resolution file with your purchase (you can narrow down designers that offer this under ‘Logo Options’ when searching for a designer). Otherwise, your design may appear grainy and may not be able to be resized for print materials, like shirts and truck wraps.

Logo Infinx

Logo Infinx is a professional logo design agency offering multiple concepts with a rapid turnaround. Their design packages start at just $35 for a basic logo and go up to $175 for their most expensive package, which includes social media banners.
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If you’re just starting out and don’t have the money to invest in a good logo, you can always create your own with an app like Canva as a temporary solution. Canva has pre-made designs you can easily tweak with their drag-and-drop editor to suit your needs and a detailed tutorial to get you started here.
This video can walk you through the basics of getting started.
There are so many details that go into having a logo that sets the right first impression and can be utilized across print and digital. When in doubt, leave it to the professionals.
Remember: Your logo will go on everything from your website and apparel to business cards and will help you build credibility and recognition as you grow. Make sure you’re projecting an image that you’re proud of!

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