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In order to make your sales process to potential customers as seamless as possible, it’s imperative that you’ve taken the time to craft an immaculate business pitch. A well-done pitch will cover these main points:

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Before crafting your pitch, it’s important that you identify some of the common pain points your customers may have experienced with contract work in the past. This could be anything from cost, lack of knowledge, lack of flexible scheduling, feeling overwhelmed researching options, or feeling taken advantage of.
There could also be concerns about the safety of their pets or children, wanting to make sure the job was done right the first time, or wanting custom or specialized work.
Ask yourself, based on what you’ve learned under Customer Analysis, what are your customers’ three biggest concerns?


Now that you’ve taken the time to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and selected their three biggest pain points, you’ll need to draw a commonality between them.
Keep in mind, your customers may have different pain points that we haven’t listed above like demanding work schedules, need for a speedy emergency service, or this could be their first time utilizing a service like yours, so be sure to pay attention! Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a way to solve that specific problem.
For example, if I said my customers’ most significant pain points were a lack of funds, lack of knowledge, or fear of being taken advantage of, I can assume that the customers’ most significant issue will be trust.
To combat this, you want to show your customer that:
Next, you’ll want to explain to them how your service will solve their problem, and why the value you’re offering is better than your competitors.
For the example above, your pitch could say that you offer fast, fairly priced, and high quality services. Then, utilize the next section that covers Proof to select three specific facts about your business that can back this statement up.
Ask yourself, based on what you’ve learned under Customer Analysis, what are your customers’ three biggest concerns?


What are three clear facts about your business you can share that will back up your ability to solve this specific problem? In your SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), you already identified what makes you stand out against the competition. Are there any you can use?
Here’s a few ideas:
From the example given, I might decide that my business’s most significant advantages that show I’m a trustworthy, affordable business are:


Now that you’ve identified your customer pain points, proof, and main value offerings, we’re going to put this information together into a pitch that you can use for your website, marketing materials (like flyers), and even one-on-one conversations or calls with a potential customer. An effective pitch should:
At its most basic, your value proposition should say: We help ___ do ___ by ___.
A few examples:
Need a plumbing company you can trust? Flush Gordon Plumbing and Heating is a family-owned and operated business trusted by the community for over a decade and offers affordable, transparent service and pricing.
Get your plumbing problems fixed fast by licensed professionals with I Pity the Stool’s around-the-clock, full-service plumbing repair.
Turn your house into a home with Ace Contractors Plumbing’s plumbing and bathroom remodeling services. From simple shower remodels to custom, luxurious bathrooms, we’re able to accommodate your unique style and update your bathroom with the latest in smart home technologies.

And just like that, your pitch is complete! Once you’ve decided where you’re going to utilize your pitch, go ahead and start uploading it. The information above should give you plenty of resources to craft an impeccable pitch.

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