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Free Contractor Invoice Template

Download Our Free Invoice Template Excel File to Create Beautiful Invoices PDFs From Your Computer

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Download Free Invoice Template for Contractors

Not ready to sign up for FieldPulse to take advantage of electronic invoicing via your smartphone and computer? Download our free invoice template Excel file to create beautiful invoice PDFs from your computer.

  1. Download the Excel file.
  2. Insert your invoice information into the placeholders.
  3. Save as “PDF” to create a PDF of the invoice.
Download Template

Benefits of Using a Contractor Invoice Template

#1: An Invoice Template will Increase Customer Satisfaction

Your invoice is the last impression of your business that you will leave a customer with. Hand-written invoices can be hard to read and come across as being unprofessional.

When you create a pdf of the invoice and email it to the customer you give them the opportunity to search and locate the document whenever needed. Since it is typed and not handwritten it will be readable and avoid any confusion on what work was done. Last it will give you digital documentation of your transaction.

# 2: You Will Stop wasting Time When You Start with an Invoice Template

There is certain information that should be included to create the perfect Invoice. By using an Invoice Template you can have some of this information populated such as your company’s basic contact info, terms and conditions, and any discounts offered. You can also have a place formatted to add in the cost breakdown of materials and services and a description of the services that were performed.

Download Template

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It’s Like Going from a
Hand Tool to a Power Tool

Becoming a pro requires using professional tools. No business can grow and make money without software that makes scheduling and assigning jobs, creating and sending invoices, collecting payments, and keeping track of customers easy as 1-2-3. That’s FieldPulse.

Our Texas-based team is standing by to show you FieldPulse in Action. Let’s connect!

  • HVAC Software
    “I’ve used FieldPulse from day one of our HVAC business. Couldn’t be happier with the way it streamlines invoicing, estimates, customer linking to QuickBooks. I’m able to do everything from my smart phone in the field.”

    Luke P.

    Complete Air Services LLC
  • Electrician Software
    “Hey there, just wanted to say great job on the new invoicing system. Totally makes QuickBooks invoices obsolete for us.”

    Mikey P

    Pruitt Electric
  • Renovator Software
    “I am really enjoying this program. My service tech used it for the first time today, and he enjoyed how he had all the information right in one spot. All the job info!”

    Samuel E.

    Hook & Ladder Home Services, LLC