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C&M Conveyor misses 50% fewer appointments since partnering with FieldPulse

C&M Conveyor misses 50% fewer appointments since partnering with FieldPulse

Instead of using three different programs to do what I need, I just use one.

Brad Brown
C&M Conveyor
Customer inquiries that convert to paid work
Fewer missed appointments
Hours saved each week on company administration

About The Customer

A true American success story, C&M Conveyor started 20 years ago as a mom-and-pop shop out of a garage. Since then they have grown into 200+ employee operation that features both a manufacturing plant and a service, installation group division.

The Challenge

C&M’s biggest challenges have been getting new employees onboarded quickly and finding a system that allows them to stay organized. They were looking for a database to recall past jobs and estimates, as well as store and organize jobs. They also wanted a job management software with robust reporting features.

Before coming to FieldPulse, the C&M team was spending too much time managing people and time. On top of that, they were losing records and past customer history, while also missing appointments and over-scheduling their team.

The Solution

FieldPulse closely matched the type of software that the team was looking for. They found FieldPulse to be more streamlined compared to their old systems. And they love being able to use just one platform for all their organizational needs, instead of using 3 or more programs.

The team also loves the ability to use FieldPulse across multiple devices. It’s perfect for the techs in the field, and the managers back at the office.

C&M Conveyor’s Favorite FieldPulse Features

  • Estimates – C&M enjoys being able to make changes on the fly and get them out to customers quickly
  • Scheduling software – Good visual tool to avoid overbooking and know your schedule at a glance
  • Customer management – Very easy to use and allows you to grow quickly


This year, C&M is looking to ramp up use of the FieldPulse system more broadly in their company to continue to meet their goals.

Easy to use,
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