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Happy Trees Painting Doubles Its Sales with the Help of FieldPulse

Happy Trees Painting Doubles Its Sales with the Help of FieldPulse

FieldPulse customer service, features, and price make it a no brainer compared to Joist and Jobber...You put more effort into helping your customers succeed.

Kenneth Dansereau Jr.
Owner at
Happy Trees Painting
Fewer Missed Appointments
Increase in Revenue
Hours Saved Each Week

About The Customer

Happy Trees is a painting and restoration company, specializing in new construction. Founded by Kenneth Dansereau Jr., the company’s name was inspired by TV painting legend, Bob Ross. They proudly donate 2% of their profits to planting trees for a happy, sustainable future.

Now in their second year of business, Happy Trees has doubled their sales, and credits FieldPulse with helping them get organized to facilitate their fast growth.

The Challenge

Before using FieldPulse as an all-in-one solution, Happy Trees was running a large stack of software, including Joist, Teamweek, and others.

The team found that Joist was not a great fit for the company. It wasn’t flexible enough and didn’t cater to their 2-3 week long projects with shifting timelines.

On top of that, they were using several pieces of software and wanted to find an all-in-one solution that was easier to use. They needed something that would allow them to create estimates and invoices, do their job scheduling, keep track of customer communications, and allow them to accept payments

They found all that and more with FieldPulse.

The Solution

“FieldPulse customer service, features, and price make it a no brainer compared to Joist and Jobber. It’s steps above. Your customer service is phenomenal, and pricing is right where it needs to be. With the bigger companies the customer service isn’t there, you guys are smaller and care about it more. You put more effort into helping your customers succeed,” Kenneth said.

The feature that has made the most impact for Happy Trees is FieldPulse Scheduling. Kenneth and his team set up their whole week around the scheduling system, and easily assign jobs to various technicians.

This also helps with any new employees. With FieldPulse, there is only one piece of software to learn and it’s easy and intuitive for them to jump right in.

The Customer Communications feature has also been a big hit, with the team being able to see all of the emails they’ve sent out to customers, whether they were delivered, and when customers have opened them.

FieldPulse also makes office organization easy for the Happy Trees team. It’s flexible enough to assign jobs to foremen, change the timing and instructions as they evolve, and use subtasks to keep new hires on track with a list of what to do on site. This keeps things organized so foremen can just go to site and take care of business.

With this powerful system to run and scale his business, Kennth has been able to grow Happy Trees substantially, making it simple to scale up business in the future.

Happy Trees plans to continue growing and expanding in the next couple of years, adding one new foreman per year. They are also looking to expand their services to include a spray shop where they can do cabinets for new builds.

Safe, sustainable growth that is also good for the planet is Kenneth’s ultimate goal for Happy Trees. And FieldPulse will be right there with him every step of the way.

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