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Spark Contractors saves 10+ hours of work each week with FieldPulse

Spark Contractors saves 10+ hours of work each week with FieldPulse

“FieldPulse has been fantastic in getting and keeping us organized."

Brent Ruga
Spark Contractors
Customer inquiries that have been converted into paying customers
Hours saved each week
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About The Customer

Spark Contractors is a New Jersey-based, family-run contracting company. Opened in 1959, Spark Contractors started out as a small appliance-repair business. From there, it has evolved into larger projects, such as home wiring and wiring for gas stations to installing gas pumps and tanks.

Spark’s true speciality is gas stations and facilities with fuel (i.e. public works yards, etc). They install and repair gas tanks, pipelines, gas pumps, dispensers, and monitoring systems, while also doing compliance testing for DOT regulations.

The contractors at Spark don’t stop there though. They also work with the military, traveling to military bases around the country to work on their fuel systems and review system safety.

The Challenge

The main challenges for the Spark Contractors team are organizing their overall workload and job demand, as well as getting new employees onboarded in a timely and effective manner.

They needed to find a solution that allowed them to stay organized. Not just in terms of their heavy workload, but also to ensure regulations are met.

The Solution

Before signing on with FieldPulse, Spark was using everything from Excel spreadsheets and Office 365 to other field service management software. The old-school spreadsheets weren’t working, while the other management softwares were very expensive.

With FieldPulse, they found that not only was the price the best, but FieldPulse’s features were the most compatible with what they needed to do each day.

“FieldPulse has been much better than our previous paper systems. Faster for quoting and easier to store vendor information,” said Brent Ruga of Spark Contractors. “It is the most simple and easy software to get started and easy to train our team on.”

There have been several features that have helped Spark reach their goals, including:

  • Estimates — The estimating process is much faster now, and the Spark team loves having whole team visibility.
  • Customer management — Seeing customer info at a glance has been a huge game-changer, allowing the team to put customers in just once and they are always ready to pull up in the app.
  • Access in the field — ery helpful that technicians can connect with a customer directly on site from their phones.
  • Timesheets — Brent and the team love being able to track team time all in one place, as well as how much time is spent on each job.


Brent and the Spark team will continue to use FieldPulse in their day-to-day lives. Saving time and getting even more done every week.

“FieldPulse has been fantastic in getting and keeping us organized.” added Brent. “Before we signed on, we had no idea which jobs were ongoing and which ones were completed. I can easily pull reports in 5 mins and figure out how well we’re doing this month.”

Easy to use,
easy to customize,
and easy on your wallet.

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