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Keep the pulse of your business – anytime, anyplace

FieldPulse combines CRM, job scheduling, estimates and invoices, and team time/location tracking, allowing you to keep the pulse of your business. Check on new jobs, review schedules or get updates in the field, see that your electricians are checking in on time at customer sites, send electronic invoices, collect electronic signatures, and much more. Simple-to-use workflows make sure your team is working optimally at every step.


Make scheduling, dispatching, and managing jobs simple

For a team of 1 or 100, FieldPulse simplifies the process. With multiple calendar views and map-based views, finding availability and scheduling jobs is easy. Add notes, include files, and have the electrician add photos and collect signatures on-site. With seamless status changes and automatic notifications, keep everyone up to date. All of the information you need to keep your customer and your team in the loop is at your fingertips.


Create professional, detailed estimates & invoices – manage them electronically

No more pen and paper! Even the most complex estimates and invoices can be written up in the field. Use pre-defined invoice items and item bundles to quickly populate your estimate or invoice, and then generate a PDF with just a tap. Collect signatures and payment in the field. Plus, keep track of job costs to quickly analyze job profitability.


Keep track of all of your opportunities – and customers

Have all of your customer records on hand, no matter where you are. Everything is connected – contact information, job history, estimates/invoices, files/photos, notes, and more. Quickly see where opportunities stand, what jobs are won/lost, and see who you should be following up with.


Track employee time with GPS clock-ins and clock-outs for confirmation and accountability

With one glance, see where your team is on the map at any moment. Clock-ins update the customer job status, the electrician’s GPS location, and timesheet at the same time, giving you an up-to-date view of the business. Keep your customers update, and quickly find your team at any moment.

Job Scheduling and Dispatching
Job Scheduling & Dispatching
Dispatch team members with ease. With quick and easy job scheduling, your employees will be automatically notified of newly assigned jobs and will always have the information necessary to get the job done right. Track updates with comment and status updates.
Task Management
Customer Management
Stay on top of your customers from anywhere. Track all of their information while always having quick and easy access to their job history, estimates/invoices, files/photos, and notes. Track your leads and opportunities through the customer lifecycle.
Customer Relationship Management
Estimates & Invoices
Move from pen and paper to digital invoices! Ditch handwritten invoices and easily create and send beautiful, itemized invoices right in front of the customer! Create invoice PDFs, collect signatures, and collect payment to streamline your invoicing and payment process.
Keep track of your team out in the field with electronic time tracking. Your team members can clock in and clock out from their phones to automatically track their time and location. Verify team member clock ins with location tagging and timestamps.

Simple setup and great support takes the burden off of you...

Getting up and running is quick and simple, but great customer support is always available to guide you through the setup process and assist you with any problems. Get started in just a few minutes by registering for a free trial.
No infrastructure setup, no maintenance costs, and no worries. All data hosting and data backup is managed for you in the cloud by Flicent. Simply open the WebApp or mobile app and login with your credentials. Learn More

"You need to try FieldPulse. Having everything you need to serve your customer in one place is amazing. I can run everything from my phone."

-J.P. Keller, Owner of i.F.U.S.E. Technology

Simple Pricing, No Surprises

No hidden fees and no obligations - simple pricing that fits and scales with your business. Each user receives login credentials to be used with the iPhone app, iPad app, Android app, and WebApp.

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