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Field tech location tracking software

GPS Location Tracking

Our employee GPS tracking feature allows you to know where your team members are located during the day. FieldPulse automatically captures the user’s location when they open the FieldPulse mobile app, allowing you to simply plot your team members’ last known locations on a map.

In addition to plotting their last known location, you can track the time and location of job status changes made by team members to confirm that team members truly arrived at the job site on time and completed the job as indicated. When field agents change the status of a job to indicate the the job is in progress, pending action, or completed, the update entry in the activity feed is appended with a timestamp and a geotag of the user’s location. Opening the geotag will plot the location of the user on a map at the time they made the update along with the pinned location of the scheduled job site, allowing you to confirm that team members reached the job site and left the job site when indicated on the job record.

Field tech location tracking software