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FieldPulse Releases New Features to Guide Contractors to the Next Level

FieldPulse Releases New Features to Guide Contractors to the Next Level

The features include additions to automated customer communications, a new customer portal, recurring jobs, project management enhancements, plus inventory and expense tracking. Each feature is intended to further streamline and simplify the daily workload for contractors to let them run the business, not spend all their time managing the back office.

Dallas, Tex. May 1, 2019 — Fresh off the heels of its recent funding announcement, FieldPulse has announced significant new features for its leading field service software. The features include a new customer portal, recurring job management, project management enhancements, inventory and expense tracking, invoice enhancements, setup functionality, and more.

FieldPulse’s cloud-native digital hub allows contractors to manage their entire business through an integrated web and mobile application. FieldPulse’s core value centers around helping contractors quickly go digital by combining all of the central business functions contractors face – customer management (CRM)/communications, estimates/invoicing, digital signatures/payments, scheduling/dispatching, GPS tracking, employee/sub-contractor timesheets, and more.

“Contractors need to focus on running their business – not the back office. With these new enhancements, FieldPulse gives our users more tools to build their businesses efficiently and effectively,” said Gabriel Pinchev, CEO of FieldPulse. “With significant releases planned for this year, today’s announced features are just the first in a series for the growing, affordable platform our customers depend on to run their business.”

FieldPulse boasts rapid time to value, with the average new company managing their business through FieldPulse in under 24 hours. These latest enhancements will further build on FieldPulse’s existing digital hub while offering even greater functionality and time to value for its users.

FieldPulse’s new customer portal allows online scheduling and service requests, while with the new communication settings, users can customize both customer and team notifications to allow for more granular control over internal and external updates. Invoices also get a facelift in FieldPulse’s latest update, as the native feature now comes with the ability to easily add discounts and surcharges, as well as more easily filter through past invoices. Similarly, FieldPulse’s expense tracking features allow for quick entry, quick filtering, and an easier, faster way to organize business expenses. Combined with new inventory management, contractors have a better handle on their business progress.

And to transition from other platforms even faster, FieldPulse has also updated its import process. New features streamline the process of importing new customers and add the contractor’s most powerful brand – their company logo.

“Our users are building businesses from the ground up, working toward the American dream. By making the back office work easier, they can continue to build their business with less bureaucratic burden,” said Benjamin Read, Chief Revenue Officer of FieldPulse. “These improvements are a direct response to what we hear from our customers every day, and they deliver on our commitment to helping make their business more profitable and efficient.“

All of these enhancements are designed to make FieldPulse a powerful, digital hub that allows contractors to digitize their business quickly. You can find more information and a full list of new FieldPulse features at the link here.


About FieldPulse

FieldPulse is field service software that acts as the digital hub for running your entire contracting business from a single app. FieldPulse helps contractors go digital with tools to handle everything from customer management (CRM) and estimates/invoices, to scheduling and dispatching, team timesheets (and GPS location), and much more – available in the office or on-the-go.