Painting Service Software

Prep, paint, invoice, update inventory logs, manage customer relationships, collect payments — each painting job comes with a lot to keep track of. That’s why FieldPulse has created the ultimate painting company software for busy painters. Designed to fit the needs of small-to-medium sized painting businesses, FieldPulse allows you to create professional estimates and invoices, schedule crews and jobs, manage payments, and much more. 

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Features Made Just For Painting Businesses

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Scheduling & Dispatching

Manage job status updates, notes, files, photos, and more — from wherever your day takes you.

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Customer Management

Keep detailed, customizable customer records that store comments, files, photos, specs, and more.

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Estimating, Invoicing, & Payments

Create beautiful estimates & invoices and take payments from anywhere.

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Project Management

We know when business is good, it can be difficult to keep on top of your project management. With FieldPulse’s painting contractor software you can manage status updates, comments, notes, files, photos, and job duration without ever leaving the app.

Organize your technicians into teams, and even assign managers. FieldPulse lets you structure your teams as necessary to fit your painting business’s needs, which allows you to distribute your workload as evenly as possible.

Customize and organize your jobs with custom fields, job tags, color coding, and more! The FieldPulse app also allows you to view a live activity feed for all status updates.
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      Profit Analysis

      Ready for the cherry on top? FieldPulse lets you take total control of all your costs and profits, down to the finest details. Quickly record the costs of your line items internally, and hide those costs from your customer’s view so they only see cost per service or an overall flat rate price.

      Easily view your cost/profit margin by line item, job, invoice, or revenue over time. Convert your estimates directly to invoices, and improve your cash flow by collecting payments on the spot with the FieldPulse app. 
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          FieldPulse's Cost and Profit analysis feature for a job
          Updated invoice using bundle feature

          Sales Bundles

          Streamline your service offerings with FieldPulse’s Sales Bundles feature. This feature allows you to store and bundle your most popular offerings together, and integrate your labor and material rates.

          Group items inside your invoices, and control your customer’s visibility of costs. Insert your material quantities based on square footage, job duration, or timesheet totals.

          FieldPulse’s painters software lets you automatically calculate your tax, totals, and discounts by percentage or set amounts, and even take partial payments. 
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              Time Sheet

              FieldPulse’s Time Sheet feature lets you easily track the amount of time spent on jobs, and automatically insert actual or expected job duration directly into your invoices.

              Using the FieldPulse app, your technicians can clock in and out directly from their mobile device which will automatically notify you of the time and their GPS location. Allow your managers to view their team’s timesheets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

              FieldPulse also offers advanced reporting tools that quickly sync timesheets with payroll. 
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                  Mobile device displaying timesheet tracker for employees


                  Stop doubling your workload with FieldPulse’s integrations. From Square and GPS tracking to Zapier and NiceJob, FieldPulse connects them all (and more!) making sure your information stays accurate across all of your platforms.

                  Already using QuickBooks? You might have read horror stories about connecting invoicing software with QuickBooks, but we offer one of the most complete, seamless syncs with QuickBooks. Syncing your customers, invoice items, estimates/quotes, invoices, and payments between your accounts has never been easier!
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                  “By far, the best thing about FieldPulse is their customer service.”

                  Matthew W.

                  “I love that I can get FAST support from the FieldPulse team and I don’t even need to call.”

                  Margaret F.

                  “The software is super easy to use and by FAR the easiest I have tried to integrate with Quickbooks online.

                  Cory W.

                  “The system is so easy to use! Even new technicians are flying through it – after only their first day!”

                  Christy L.

                  “I love how easy it is to use for people of any age. We have technicians who hardly ever use their cell phones and they find it very convenient!”

                  Laura K.

                  “And the support is second to none. I’ve been able to get a human at all hours of the day and they are dedicated to customer satisfaction.”

                  Lou D.

                  “I’m able to do everything from my smart phone in the field.”

                  Luke P.
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                  Easy to use,
                  easy to customize,
                  and easy on your wallet.