FieldPulse Payments

FieldPulse Payments is FieldPulse’s fully integrated payment system. You can take payments quickly, easily, and securely directly through the mobile app, over the phone, email, or customers can check their balance and make payments through the customer portal. Payment history and information are always at your fingertips and linked with all your customer and job information, making it easy to instantly see profits and other valuable business insights.

Processing Rates

Credit Card Transactions

3% + .15 cents $9 Monthly Subscription

ACH Transactions


Get Paid on Time - Every Time

Getting paid – and on time – can often be one of the most challenging parts of owning a business. On-the-spot mobile invoicing makes it easier to get paid in-person with numerous payment options. Gone are the days of wasting valuable time following up with customers through phone and email or being at the mercy of payment apps like PayPal and CashApp who can freeze your account and hold your money hostage after minor disagreements with customers.

Take Payments Anywhere

Taking full or partial payments with FieldPulse is simple. Send online payment requests via email from your FieldPulse invoice as an attachment or by simply copying a link and sending it via email or text. Take payments on the spot with your phone by utilizing the camera to scan customers’ credit cards or manually key in the details.

With FieldPulse, there’s no need for expensive swiping dongles that have to be charged and are frequently misplaced. For larger projects or recurring jobs, you can create recurring payments inside FieldPulse or even send customers a link to their customer portal so they can see their full payment history, make payments, and schedule new work with ease.

Get Full Visibility

FieldPulse offers a 360 view of business financials. Never lose track of payment history with detailed payment records linked to customer profiles and jobs and automatically synced to QuickBooks’ accounting software. Easily run reports or filter invoices to see which payments are overdue, partially paid, and instantly send customers custom communications with payment requests so they can pay directly online.

With FieldPulse, you can view costs and profit breakdown by job, revenue over time, or products vs. services – even control cost visibility to managers or specific team members as you see fit. Even apply discounts to invoices in a flash so you can reward clients who pay early.

Secure Payment Processing

FieldPulse’s payment processing offers tokenization and PCI-validated point-to-point encryption so your customers can rest easy that their payment information is secure. And, with the exception of recurring payments, customers’ card information will never be saved inside FieldPulse.