FieldPulse Pricebook

FieldPulse's Pricebook is a flat-rate sales tool that trade businesses can use to supercharge their sales process and increase revenue.

Build and deploy your own custom pricebooks with ease, create tiered pricing with our ‘Good, Better, Best’ variant proposal options, and even take signatures and payments.

Our Pricebook helps turn your technicians into full-fledged salesmen, making upsells and boosting your customer satisfaction easier than ever.
7-Day free trial // no credit card required.
HVAC Pricebook

A Pricebook Designed For Higher Margins More Closed Deals Faster Sales Cycles

⊛ Showcases Pricing Integrity To Customers

⊛ Instantly View Costs and Profitability

⊛ Create Custom Tailored Pricebooks

⊛ Automate Your Estimate and Invoicing

FieldPulse Pricebook Example on Desktop App

Automate Your Estimate and Invoicing Process

The FieldPulse Pricebook makes creating and adding your flat rate jobs quick and easy. Once you’ve added your labor rate for each job and selected your markup percentage, FieldPulse will automatically calculate the overhead cost and will apply your markup to all your jobs, ensuring that you’re making a profit every time. Once the customer has selected which services they need, you can then quickly convert the service offerings into an estimate or invoice and attach it to your customer’s profile, which you can access at any time through the FieldPulse app.

Stay Updated & Integrated

Our Pricebook fully integrates with FieldPulse’s field service management software to further simplify your workday. Pull items directly from your pricebook and add them into your proposals with just a few clicks, no matter how simple or complex they may be. Once your estimate has been sent to your customer, it will automatically be pushed into your Quickbooks invoicing system. FieldPulse Pricebook also lets you view your overall costs and profits from any device, with view options like products vs. services, and more to easily see which jobs are your true profit centers.

FieldPulse Pricebook HVAC Example on Mobile App
FieldPulse Pricebook Pricing Options Screenshot on Desktop App

Showcase Pricing Integrity

Establish trust with your customers by giving them both flexibility and visibility into your pricing options. With our Pricebook, you can show your customers side by side comparisons of your service offerings, complete with pricing information and descriptions of what will take place during the service call.


7-Day free trial // no credit card required.