Maddie Blumenthal

Head of Customer Success

Our outstanding VP of Customer Success, Maddie has been leading the way in making customers not just happy, but all around pulsing with joy. (See what we did there?) 

A graduate of Texas A&M, Maddie helped build and scale customer success from the ground up at RainforestQA. She was also an integral part of the team at Flurry (part of Version Digital) as their Director of Customer Relationships.

In her role at FieldPulse, Maddie has scaled customer success for both the North American and Australian teams. Maddie loves seeing the direct impact she and her team make to their customers every day as they use FieldPulse.

If Maddie wasn’t showing how true customer service is done, she’d probably be anchoring the local news in some sweet, small town, while hanging out with her dog. What a dream indeed.