Often overlooked and underestimated are business stickers or service labels. They provide a valuable opportunity to leave your business’s stamp of approval on every piece of work you touch! Your stickers can identify your company which serviced the system, and can go into detail about when the equipment was installed/serviced, and notes on actions performed, technician name, and date. It’ll also serve to remind the homeowner when they need preventative maintenance or other services, and will give them information about the system’s last date of service if something happens to the unit.

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Service labels are stickers that go on or near equipment with information about when they were serviced. It’s important that any service labels that go outside be weatherproof and waterproof. Waterproof will leave the sticker unaffected by water, but weatherproofing will make it capable of resisting damage caused by the weather.
A great option for this is vinyl stickers. A good vinyl sticker will last 3-5 years outdoors, but it’s important to note that some colors may last longer than others. Red is usually the first color to fade, so if you have the option, stick with a basic black/white design. A matte UV vinyl weather proof sticker will be the easiest to write on with any type of pen, and will last 1-2 years. Small, metallic non-intrusive stickers are a popular choice because they look like they came with the equipment to the average customer.
For larger stickers you can include a list of when the equipment was serviced or needs to be serviced next. This will help with liability should anything happen to the unit after you’ve touched it, and can also help raise a home’s value because the new owner will easily be able to see that the unit was regularly maintained. Your stickers should contain your name, company name, logo, website, email, services, and a place to write in when the equipment was last installed or serviced with notes, actions performed, and a date. Be sure to make the text large enough so that your customers can read it easily.


Contrary to popular belief, VistaPrint isn’t always the cheapest option – especially when it comes to finding quality weatherproof stickers.
  • VistaPrint: A popular option, but contrary to popular belief, not one of the cheapest. 1000 2”x1” stickers for $255.12. Their roll labels are the best for outdoor use, and vinyl is the most durable.
  • StickerYou: 1000 2”x2” stickers for 154.50
  • American Business Forms & Envelopes: 1000 4”x6” for $160. Cheapest option
  • HVAC Sticker: On the pricier side but made exclusively for HVAC companies. Includes water heater stickers, thermostat stickers, and furnace note stickers that can be easily written. Get 1000 4.25”x3.5” outdoor furnace stickers that are colorized and are easily written on for $322.00 (not very customizable). Outdoor service sticker labels are 1000 2×4” stickers for $205.00.
  • PrintIt4Less: Get 1000 service call Labels at 3”x2” for $99-14. Outdoor service sticker labels cost 197.00 for 3”x5”.
  • Sticker Mule: 1000 2”x2” you have full control over customizing. Water and weatherproof stickers for $147.
  • Sticker Giant: US-made. 100 2.5” x 1.5” stickers for $185.08
  • Sticker Robot: $195 for 1000 3”x2” stickers, has options like a back split for easy peeling. It has some of the most durable stickers in the industry with two coats of ink and three passes of UV protection gloss and is approved for HVAC equipment. Their customers include the US coast guard, NASA, Google Cars, and the US Armed Forces.
  • All Sticker Printing: Get fancy with 1000 water and heat-resistant gold or silver vinyl stickers for $117. This metal vinyl material is reflective and makes it an attractive option for labeling electronics and electrical appliances.


It’s important to know that creating your own waterproof stickers can be a long, laborious process with a steep learning curve and large upfront investment. But if you’re interested in learning, you can get started here. You’ll need waterproof vinyl sticker paper, self-adhesive laminating sheets, and a good quality InkJet printer.

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