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What to Know as Angie’s List and Home Advisor Merge

On May 1, 2017, the parent company of HomeAdvisor, IAC, and Angie’s List announced they had reached terms to combine Angie’s List with HomeAdvisor in a $500 million deal to create a new company called ANGI Homeservices Inc. In making the announcement, IAC was quick to share their plans to maintain the two brands. So...

Contractor on the phone

Telephone Etiquette for Contractors in a New World

A little over a year ago, Forbes released a report on JP Morgan Chase’s offer to eliminate voicemail for their estimated 250,000 employees located at 5600+ branches across the country. Who took the offer? Roughly two-thirds of the personnel. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that 47% of their workforce is age 35 and younger....

Waiting for phone

Following Up: The Only Way to Close the Deal

“I thought they were going with another contractor.” “I didn’t think they were ready to commit to the job.” “I figured they felt that our rates were too high for them.” “I didn’t feel like it was appropriate to pressure them into the sale.” “They’ll call me when they’re ready for me to start.”  ...

contractor accident

The 10 Most Common Causes of On-Site Accidents for Contractors

Accidents in the workplace are going to happen. Although contractors and their work crew spend long hours in classes to acquire safety certifications and even put ironclad protection methods into place, all the training and safe practices in the world do not account for human error. Somebody forgets to secure a stepladder. Someone else left...

injury workers' compensation

Workers’ Compensation: What Every Contractor Should Know

Contractors are required to offer some level of workers’ compensation insurance to their employees in almost every state. Although regulations may vary from state to state, a contractor cannot legally operate a business without providing some form of workers’ comp as a part of an employee package. In states where contractors can opt-out of providing...

service pricing

Are You Charging The Right Amount For Your Service?

One the biggest dilemmas that business owners face is, “How much do I charge for my service or product?” Even companies that have survived the three-year ‘do or die’ pinch continue to struggle with how to adjust the prices and at what rate. With the advent of what Forbes Magazine dubbed the ‘millennial startup revolution,’ endless...

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