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250 Referral March

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Eligibility: This promotional referral bonus is available exclusively to current customers of FieldPulse. The referred field service company must be new to FieldPulse and not currently in negotiations or discussions with FieldPulse about becoming a customer.

Referral Bonus: The referral bonus amount is  $250 USD. The referral bonus will be paid out via gift card through Giftbit. 

Qualifying Referrals: A qualifying referral is a field service company that (a) signs up for FieldPulse in February, (b) subscribes with a minimum of three users, and (c) completes the onboarding and implementation process.

Bonus Payout: The referral bonus will be paid out after the referred company has successfully completed onboarding and implementation with FieldPulse. The onboarding and implementation process can take up to but not limited to 90 days. The referrer will receive the bonus only after this process is completed.

Referral Submission: Customers must use the official referral submission form available at the following URL: Referrals submitted through other means may not be eligible for the promotion.

General: This promotion may not be combined with any other offers or promotions. FieldPulse reserves the right to modify or cancel the promotion at any time without notice. Decisions by FieldPulse regarding the eligibility of referrals or any disputes related to the promotional offer will be final and binding.

By participating in this referral program, participants agree to these terms and conditions. Spread the word, help your peers benefit from FieldPulse, and earn your bonus today!