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Service & Maintenance Agreement Software

A successful maintenance contract program can easily account for 50% or more of your company’s annual revenue. Enjoy stable cash flow, build lasting customer relationships, and keep your team engaged even during off-peak seasons.

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What are service agreements?

Maintenance agreements, often referred to as service contracts or service agreements, are contracts between service providers and customers that ensure regular upkeep and priority service in exchange for a fixed fee. These agreements outline the terms and conditions under which the service provider will perform regular maintenance, inspections, and repairs on the customer’s equipment or property.

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Benefits Of Service Agreement Contracts

Guarantee repeat business with service agreements.

Replace the uncertainty of sporadic jobs with the repeat business. Maintenance agreements provide service providers with a dependable revenue stream regardless of demand fluctuations, crucial for seasonal businesses like HVAC and pool services. This ensures consistent cash flow, easier financial planning, and reliable work for employees. (Learn more about the benefits of HVAC maintenance contracts). 

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Turn technicians into salesmen.

Leverage new avenues for technician upselling, allowing them to earn increased commissions and bolster your business’s profitability. FieldPulse empowers you to provide technicians with uniform sales materials directly through the app. This equips them with comprehensive resources to effectively convey your business’s offerings to customers, leaving no essential details overlooked, and facilitating immediate contract signings. Additionally, with FieldPulse’s maintenance agreement software, technicians have the capability to present customers with a selection of tiered pricing packages, streamlining the process of upselling effortlessly.

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Build customer loyalty.

By establishing routine maintenance service visits, these agreements serve as a cornerstone for building enduring relationships. Customers are less likely to consider alternative service providers when they experience consistent, attentive care. Through such agreements, loyalty is not only cultivated but often results in enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals, amplifying a company’s reputation. The transparency of electronic maintenance contracts, accessible to customers at their convenience, fosters an open and trustworthy dynamic. This commitment to transparency and care positions companies as proactive partners, setting them apart in a competitive market.

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Help customers save money.

The agreements enable the identification and resolution of minor issues before they escalate into costly repairs, mitigating the need for emergency call-outs and associated expenses. Regular maintenance visits ensure optimal performance of HVAC systems, leading to reduced energy consumption and subsequently, lower utility bills. The early detection and prevention of potential problems avert system breakdowns, especially crucial during extreme weather conditions, thereby ensuring peace of mind and avoiding uncomfortable situations. Furthermore, maintenance contracts extend the lifespan of equipment, deferring the necessity for expensive replacements and securing long-term value for customers.


Digitalize Your Maintenance Agreements

Access files anywhere.

By maintaining digital records of each maintenance contract, you gain swift and effortless access to pertinent files, sparing you the need for manual searches through physical archives or computer folders. These digital records are intelligently linked to various customer-related documents and materials, streamlining your workflow. Consequently, you can readily peruse equipment details associated with maintenance tasks within the “Assets” section, or access a wealth of customer information, job histories, payment records, images, completed forms, and more. Whether stationed at the office or working in the field, this accessibility equips your team to provide top-tier customer service without duplicating efforts.

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Less errors.

Opting for software-driven service agreements ensures a reduction in errors when communicating prices or recording customer details. The precision and accuracy facilitated by the software diminish the likelihood of discrepancies and omissions, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your operations.

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Easier scheduling without overbooking.

Effortlessly manage your scheduling without the risk of accidental overbooking. As you construct your maintenance contract, the system allows you to set jobs in advance and establish reminders for technicians and customers alike for upcoming service requirements. This streamlined approach ensures that no critical details are overlooked. Moreover, you can simultaneously generate corresponding invoices for these tasks, guaranteeing smooth operations.

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