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Fleet Tracking​

FieldPulse’s new GPS Vehicle Tracking feature enables you to track the locations of your work vehicles in real-time, directly from the FieldPulse app. Using live GPS tracking, you’ll be shown metrics like driving speed, vehicle use, idling time, and more, with automatic reports on gas mileage and technician driving patterns available upon request.​

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Free Fleet Tracking OBD2 Devices For Each Vehicle (Valued Up To $100 Each)​
Optimize Vehicle Efficiency With Regular Vehicle Maintenance​
Ensure Safe Driving Standards With Features Like Speed Tracking
Lower Operating Costs With Reports on Gas Consumption and Idling​

GPS fleet tracking software.

FieldPulse Fleet Tracking displays both road and aerial map views using Open Street Maps. With just a few taps, you’ll be able to add and set landmarks and geofence zones for your technician’s routes for ease of use. Unlike phone applications, the GPS Vehicle Tracking feature prevents employees from tampering with or disabling tracking devices and syncs with the FieldPulse software, so you’ll always know where your vehicles are. This feature is available on iOS, Android, and Webapp.

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Automated reporting.

With FieldPulse Fleet Tracking’s automated reporting system, you’ll lower your operating costs utilizing our gas consumption and idling reports, while also ensuring safe driving standards across your team.

Our Fleet Tracking feature goes beyond optimizing routes to save money on fuel. It also includes a wide variety of reporting options, such as trip reports, driving behaviors, and more. Managers can even choose which intervals reporting should be based on, from every 60 seconds to as low as twice a day.

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Real-time views and alerts.

FieldPulse Fleet Tracking uses live GPS tracking to display a comprehensive dashboard where you’ll see a summary of your vehicles’ data. At a glance, you’ll be able to view metrics like driving speed, vehicle use, idle time, and more with automatic reports on gas mileage and technician driving patterns.

FieldPulse Fleet Tracking takes the guesswork out of managing your fleet with vehicle maintenance alerts that can be scheduled for a future date, or set to trigger after a certain mileage point. You’ll also get real time alerts for idling or any vehicle use outside of work hours. Our fleet tracking feature also gives you the ability to create alerts using geofences, and allows you to see the alert history of 30 days in the last 120 days.

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