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The FieldPulse Podcast

by Daniel Myers

The FieldPulse Podcast is your number one resource for all things Field Service Management. We dive deep into industry related topics, interview successful field service and trades companies, and have a good time doing it. Join us as we help you Upgrade Your Trade.

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Hosted by Daniel Myers

Daniel Myers has been in the Field Service industry for over 20 years. He retired recently and decided to partner with FieldPulse. You can catch Daniel in all kinds of shenanigans with the FieldPulse team, not the least of which is the FieldPulse Podcast!

Ep 01

Why Is Everyone Starting A Podcast?

December 9, 2022
In this inaugural episode Daniel and Ben unveil The FieldPulse Podcast !! Woohoo, we have a podcast. We talk about the field service industry a bit, our plan for the show, and a lot about leaf blowers. Check it out.
Ep 02

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

December 9, 2022
In this episode Daniel and Ben discuss the holidays, their favorite Christmas movie, and childhood traditions. They don't get much into the Field Service industry, but they do get into a bottle of... apple juice. Take a load off and get to know your hosts a little better. Enjoy!
Ep 03

Foundations of Marketing (pt. 1)

December 9, 2022
In this episode Daniel and Ben talk through the foundations of marketing. What is marketing? What are the most important components? What do we think about 'certifications'? Tune in for the first of many episodes focused on marketing and how to leverage it to Upgrade Your Trade.
Ep 04

How Do You Command a Higher Price Point?

December 14, 2022
In this episode Daniel sits down with our CEO, Gabe Pinchev, to discuss how jobs are priced and, more importantly, how to command a higher price point.
Ep 05

A Christmas Special

December 21, 2022
In this episode Daniel and Ben spend some time talking about the holiday season, Daniel takes on a Christmas Quiz, and they both recast the classic movie Hook. Yeah, it's that kind of episode.
Ep 06

Free2Grow with Charlie Felker

January 05, 2023
In this episode, Daniel sits down with Charlie Felker from Free2Grow and talks through his journey on starting a company, why he decided to partner with FieldPulse, and much more.
Ep 07

Let's Talk About Customer Success w/ Lauren Martin

December 9, 2022
In this episode Daniel sits down with our Head of Customer Success, Lauren Martin, and the two of them discuss what great customer service looks like, where FieldPulse really shines, and much more. Give it a listen - Lauren's the best.
Ep 08

Blue Recruit's Rich Camacho

January 13, 2023
In this episode Daniel sits down with Rich Camacho from Blue Recruit. They discuss what Blue Recruit's new products they have lined up, a bit about how they both got started in the Trades industry, and lots about Nascar. Hop in and let's go for a ride.
Ep 09

The Void with Mitch Smedley

January 20, 2023
In this episode Daniel (and Ben!) sits down with Mitch Smedley of the Void Podcast and Smedley Plumbing. They discuss the trials and tribulations of starting a podcast, Ben's house burning to the ground, and the incredible power of helping people in need.
Ep 10

What is Chat GPT? Is it Safe? Should we use it?

January 25, 2023
In this episode Daniel and Ben sit down to discuss Chat GPT - the new revolutionary AI robot that is taking the world by storm. How do you use it? Can it help your business? Should you use it? We discuss all of that and more.
Ep 11

MORSCO Integrating with FieldPulse, with Trevor Adams

February 03, 2023
In this episode Daniel sits down with Trevor Adams from MORSCO! Our fearless leader, Gabe, also joins in and the three of them talk HVAC regulations. Exciting!
Ep 12

The Tradesman Experience w/ Josh Huite

February 10, 2023
In this episode Daniel sits down (virtually) with Josh Huite of The Tradesman Experience. The Tradesman Experience is a show built for Tradesmen, by Tradesmen. It's a long one jam-packed with value - STRAP IN.
Ep 13

Scaling Your Handyman Business w/ Ty Gardner from Simple Man Handyman

February 18, 2023
In this episode Daniel sits down with Ty Gardner of Simple Man Handyman. Ty talks about his journey into the trades industry, when he realized he needed an FSM, and how FieldPulse has been a game changer for growing his business.
Ep 14

Neural Link, Cold Showers... F#&* Plumbers?

March 15, 2023
In this episode Dave Mayer joins the crew! We chat about Elon Musk's Neural Link, would you rather have running water or AC, and show off some new merch that might be dropping? It's a wild one.
Ep 15

Why Pro Electric uses FieldPulse w/ Cory Ryan

March 31, 2023
In this episode Daniel sits down with Pro Electric's Cory Ryan of Bend, OR - and they talk about everything Electrical business, why using FSM software is a game changer, and how FieldPulse can help level up your trade business.
Ep 16

HVAC TIME w/ Holden Shamburger

April 25, 2023
In this episode Daniel sits down with Holden Shamburger of HVAC TIME. They discuss HVAC TIME - Holden's YouTube channel, stories from the field, and of course, everything HVAC.
Ep 17

The 360 Electrician w/ Jeff Guldalian

April 28, 2023
FINALLY !! In this episode Daniel sits down with the long awaited Jeff Guldalian from The 360 Electrician. Jeff's been a longtime supporter and partner with FieldPulse and it was great to finally have him on the show. The pair discuss Jeff's roots, how and why he built The 360 Electrician, and why he decided to partner up with FieldPulse (hint: it's because we're awesome).
Ep 18

KMT Heating & AC w/ Shon Oliver

April 28, 2023
In this episode Daniel sits down with Shon Oliver of KMT Heating & AC! They discuss the rapidly changing environment in the AC world, what Raleigh, NC and Dallas, TX have in common, and much more. Give it a listen. You won't regret it. Probably.
Ep 19

HVAC Tech Tips w/ Josh Flemming

May 12, 2023
In this episode Daniel sits down with Josh Flemming of YouTube's very own HVAC Tech Tips! They discuss everything from YouTube content creation, building a loyal audience, how we incorporate that into the HVAC industry, and much more.
Ep 20 w/ Bruce Beaumont

May 19, 2023
In this episode Daniel sits down with Bruce Beaumont from Acendwise. They discuss Bruce's rise through finance, multiple exits, and of course - the Trades industry. Get your notepad and turn up the volume.
Ep 21

The How of Business w/ Henry Lopez

July 06, 2023
In this exciting episode, Daniel invites a special guest, Henry Lopez, to dive deep into the world of business. Join us for an insightful conversation as Henry shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in the entrepreneurial realm.
Ep 22

One Thing Marketing w/ Brittany Murphy

July 13, 2023
Get ready for an exciting episode as Daniel sits down with marketing maven Brittany Murphy to explore the power of focused marketing strategies. In this highly anticipated episode, Brittany shares her expertise and unravels the secrets behind effective marketing techniques that drive results.
Ep 23

Rebuild New Jersey w/ Keith Thomas

July 10, 2023
Join us for an insightful episode as Daniel sits down with Keith Thomas, the driving force behind Rebuild New Jersey, a leading general contractor dedicated to rebuilding American homes and businesses one project at a time. In this episode, we explore Keith's inspiring journey and the impactful work of Rebuild New Jersey.
Ep 24

Montgomery Maintenance w/ Kelly Montgomery

July 14, 2023
In Episode 24 of our captivating podcast, FieldPulse host Daniel Myers sits down with HVAC industry expert Kelly Montgomery, the driving force behind Montgomery Maintenance. Join them as they dive into the world of HVAC service and explore the strategies that have made Kelly's company a leader in the field.
Ep 25

The Contractor Consultants w/ Matt DiBara

July 17, 2023
Join Daniel Myers and special guest Matt DiBara from The Contractor Consultants and DiBara Masonry as they dive into the fascinating world of contracting, sharing insights, tips, and hilarious stories. Get ready for an entertaining and informative episode filled with laughter and industry expertise!


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December 9, 2022

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