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Empowering HVAC Excellence: Showcasing 5 HVAC Content Creators Shaping the Industry

Empowering HVAC Excellence: Showcasing 5 HVAC Content Creators Shaping the Industry

November 21, 2023

In the ever-evolving industry that HVAC companies operate in today, content creators play a crucial role in educating, entertaining and innovating the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) community.

By sharing their expertise and experiences with their peers across social media channels, these “influencers” (but don’t call them that) are driving innovation and measurable impact in an industry that is currently experiencing a seismic shift of demographics, technology and operations.

In appreciation of their contributions, we’re showcasing 5 HVAC-specific content creators who are redefining the industry landscape. Continue reading as we highlight their expertise, insights, and the impact they’ve made to the FieldPulse community and the HVAC industry as a whole.

5 HVAC Content Creators Redefining the Industry:

Ben Poole, AKA HVACTactical, isn’t afraid of a bit of cold weather.
  1. Ben Poole – @HVACTactical

Ben Poole, renowned as “HVACTactical”, brings a wealth of strategic insight and operational prowess to the HVAC domain. As a key figure within the HVAC community, Ben’s Instagram and podcast delves deep into industry trends, strategic planning, and operational excellence. His expertise in HVAC has earned him a solid following among professionals seeking strategic guidance. He is the founder and host of the annual HVAC Tactical Awards, and Publisher of HVAC Tactical Magazine.

HVACTactical on Facebook  – HVACTactical on Twitter/X

Brandi Ferenc, chlrchk
Brandi Frerenc, AKA chlrchk, has twice been named one of the 100 most powerful women in the skilled trades category.
  1. Brandi Ferenc – @chlrchk

Located in Newmarket, ON, Ferenc was awarded the NxGen-Builders Award – Mentor category for her work as a mentor for women in skilled trades and HVAC apprentices. She is recognized as an outstanding advocate for workforce diversity and inspiring women to be leaders within the trades. Being in the trades for 17 years, she is backed with excellent experience to showcase her knowledge and skills within the industry. She was given the Lady of the Trade Award for 2023 at the HVAC Tactical awards. 

Follow chlrchk on Instagram

  1. Alex Ivey – @hvac_tips3 

Alex inspires his audience by showcasing educational, helpful, and comical content on his TikTok and Instagram channels. Alex has been running Ivey’s Air Condition and Refrigeration for many years, and delivers five-star service to his clients in southern Mississippi. With his knowledge and experience, he provides a fresh and fun perspective for industry trends, how to provide great customer service, and how to operate efficiently. 

Brian Migliaccio, AKA, ACServiceTech is a wealth of knowledge to help HVAC techs improve their craft.
  1. Craig Migliaccio – @acservicetech

While running his YouTube channel for almost 8 years, Craig has built an extremely significant and helpful channel for all HVAC questions and needs. Craig strives to answer questions with step by step procedures for refrigerant charging, furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioning, electrical wiring, gas lines, and much more. With Craig’s channel, any up and coming HVAC technician could learn a vast array of knowledge with his dedication to teach anyone who is ready and willing to learn. The HVAC Tactical Awards named him the Influencer of the Year for 2023. 

AC Service Tech on FacebookAC Service Tech on InstagramAC Service Tech on TikTokAC Service Tech on Twitter/X

The HVAC Jerks
The HVAC Jerks are three New York-baed friends who love to laugh and talk HVAC
  1. Rich, Kevin, and Joe – @thehvacjerks

This powerful trio runs the podcast known as ‘The HVAC Jerks.’ They were awarded the Best HVAC Podcast for 2022 by the HVAC Tactical Awards. Each week, they release a new episode that dives head first into the latest and most talked about topics in the HVAC world. With open and candid conversations each week, you can expect to get multiple different opinions, experiences, and best practices to help you in your HVAC journey. You might just get a good laugh out of listening too. 

The HVAC Jerks on FacebookThe HVAC Jerks on InstagramThe HVAC Jerks on Twitter/X


These content creators, with their unique expertise and commitment to advancing the HVAC industry, serve as guiding lights for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Their collective impact is reshaping the landscape, fostering innovation, and propelling the industry forward. As we navigate the rapidly-evolving HVAC space, the insights and contributions of these influential figures continue to inspire and drive progress.

FieldPulse is honored to spotlight these industry trailblazers, acknowledging their remarkable contributions to the HVAC community, including Ben Poole’s strategic insights and contributions.

Keep up with the latest trends and discussions in the HVAC realm by following these content creators and staying connected with FieldPulse for more industry insights and collaborations.

Disclaimer: The mentioned content creators and their social media handles are based on their prominence in the HVAC industry up to the publication date of this blog post.

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