A Better Way to Keep Your Books

March 24, 2021
More Efficiency, Less Paperwork. Easily manage jobs, customers, scheduling, employees, and business costs and profit.
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Afraid your desk will be crushed by those mounds of unfiled paperwork sitting around? There's a way to reduce the clutter and keep things more organized. FieldPulse is here to save the day (and quite possibly your desk) with our expense tracking software! Our software allows you to keep your books up to date quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, electronically. Goodbye paper mountain!

Let's take a closer look at the best way to convert your paper docs — we recommend QuickBooks — and how to integrate all of that into FieldPulse.

How to Use QuickBooks for Your Documentation

When it comes to accounting, QuickBooks pretty much dominates the landscape. It offers professional invoicing that lets you record all of your sales. But the coolest part? It integrates with our FieldPulse app. That way, you can create an invoice, send it out, and log it in the account, all while you're still out in the field.

QuickBooks also lets customers pay you directly. Transactions are automatically recorded in your ledger, so no more late-night calculator sessions trying to balance your books! We also have you covered if a customer pays cash — just use the FieldPulse mobile app to record the payment, and it will automatically sync with QuickBooks!

And what about those bills you need to pay? No worries, QuickBooks can tackle that too. Whenever you enter a bill, just click a button, and QuickBooks will automatically send the payment from your account. Financial wizardry at its finest.

Another cool feature? QuickBooks offers the ability to track your time at a visit so you can bill hourly without guessing on a number. We've integrated this capability into our system so you can track how much time your employees are spending on a job. Just think of how much that will simplify your timesheets come payday, no more second-guessing!

We could go on and on, but as you can see, QuickBooks scores big in every category. You'll be able to follow invoices at every step of the process, accurately track payments, and even record just how much time your employees are spending on the job. Not only will this save you time, but you'll cutting your paper consumption by at least half.

Using Job Costing for Extra Benefits

Sure, tracking expenses is easy with QuickBooks... but have you considered job costing? This takes things a step further by helping you determine your actual profit on a job. Obviously, what the customer pays you is not the amount you make. You need to account for the cost of labor, supplies, and even gas for the van. While this might sound easy enough to calculate for a one-time service visit, what about for a big project that will last several weeks? It's mind-boggling to try and do that all on your own.

Enter QuickBooks. Unfortunately, job costing isn't a default setting, but FieldPulse is here to help with that! We take the data in FieldPulse, use a bit of accounting magic, and produce some scary accurate estimates of your actual profits on a given job! When you're in the FieldPulse app, it works like this:

  1. Just click on "Estimates and Invoices" in the Administrator menu
  2. Go to "Advanced," then activate "Invoice Cost Basis"
  3. Hit save

That's it! From now on, you'll see job costing every time you build an estimate or invoice. All you have to do is use the "Add Line Item" to enter your unit cost.

Overall, this should save you a ton of time and effort. And it gives you a much clearer picture of how much you'll make on a project, which is great for building out an estimate. Your books (and bank account) will thank you.

Take Your Books to the Next Level

FieldPulse can help track all of your expenses so you don't have to. Because our app integrates smoothly with QuickBooks, you won't have to worry about keeping track of your data in separate programs. It syncs up automatically, saving you precious time you can spend elsewhere. You can even use it for the tough stuff, like job costing. Because who has time to sit down and use math you haven't thought about since high school?

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