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Average Professional Painter Salary By State: How Much Does A Painter Make?

Average Professional Painter Salary By State: How Much Does A Painter Make?

February 3, 2022
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Whether you’re a sole contractor making a move to a new state or a skilled painter searching for a new position in your local area, experienced painters need to understand that pay will significantly vary depending on various factors. From job location to experience level, professional painters must conduct their average salary and per hour pay research to ensure fair and proper pay before agreeing to any work.

The same can also be said for contractors and painting companies looking to hire painters to expand their teams. As with most trade industries, professional painting services will constantly face heavy competition across their services. To guarantee a long-lasting and reliable team in this competitive industry, you’ll want to ensure that your skilled employees are being fairly paid per your business’s location.

From professional painting services throughout sunny South Florida to sole operations run in rural Kansas, employees and employers need to keep up with painter salary averages in their area. With this breakdown of experienced painter salary averages across the country, check out how your current salary or salary offerings compare to the rest of the industry.


Average Professional Painter Salary – National Average

While we’re going to go ahead and break down professional painter salaries by state, it’s helpful first to understand the U.S salary average for an experienced painter. According to the current 2022 averages, the median annual wage for a  painter in the U.S. is $62,227 a year.

Bear in mind this median reflects painting professionals who have a general average of 3 to 5 years of professional experience. Just like how much paint cost varies depending on the quality of the product, the typical salary will increase based on the professional’s skill level. An experienced painter with 10+ years in the professional painting industry can earn an average annual salary of $73,573 a year.

In addition to an individual’s amount of previous painting experience, job location will also further sway average annual salary amounts. This is because certain areas across the U.S. will generally possess a higher demand for painters than others. Likewise, many of these locations with a higher demand for professional painters estimate higher living costs, which will drive up local salary amounts across all industries.

How Much Do Painters Make Per Hour?

The average hourly pay rate for painters is $18.23 an hour, with the chance of overtime pay totaling approximately $5,500 per year. As with many skilled trades, it’s common to pay employees via an hourly rate rather than an average salary amount. This is because with the countless exterior paint and interior paint jobs an employee can face, comes the enhanced opportunity for overtime pay for these services.

As with yearly salary averages, hourly pay will vary from location to location due to the general demand for experienced painters and the cost of living for that specific area. For instance, the typical painter base salary in California is $68,732 per year or $20.13 an hour. Some city locations like San Francisco offer painters an average of $84,362 a year or $24.71 an hour.

On the other hand, the salary for a painter in Oklahoma is $53,602 a year or $15.70 an hour. At 14% below the current national average, it’s essential for any trade employer or worker — including a skilled painter — to remain mindful of their operating location when navigating salary decisions for painter jobs.

Painter Salary By State – How Professional Painters’ Salaries Compare

With the comprehension that painter salaries will vary depending on location, breaking down each state average allows employees and employers a better understanding of what to expect when it comes to hourly and yearly pay offerings for their specific state.

As previously mentioned, there are multiple factors that go into salary averages aside from location. From a 15+ year industry veteran to a journeyman painter who just finished an entry-level apprenticeship, the amount of previous experience most painters hold will always influence their final pay rate.

While the level of industry experience an experience painted holds will sway these amounts, we’ve compiled a general list of the most recent painter salaries averages for each state across the United States.

  • Alabama: $56,857/year, $16.65/hour
  • Alaska: $72,121/year, $21.12/hour
  • Arizona: $63,014/year, $18.46/hour
  • Arkansas: $52,177/year, $15.28/hour
  • California: $68,732/year, $20.13/hour
  • Colorado: $66,245/year, $19.40/hour
  • Connecticut: $64,914/year,  $19.01/hour
  • Delaware: $58,293/year, $17.07/hour
  • Florida: $57,802/year, $16.93/hour
  • Georgia: $58,620/year, $17.17/hour
  • Hawaii: $71,335/year, $20.89/hour
  • Idaho: $58,848/year, $17.24/hour
  • Illinois: $68,364/year, $20.02/hour
  • Indiana: $58,352/year, $17.09/hour
  • Iowa: $60,813/year, $17.81/hour
  • Kansas: $58,319/year, $17.08/hour
  • Kentucky: $56,648/year, $16.59/hour
  • Louisiana: $57,333/year, $16.79/hour
  • Maine: $64,808/year, $18.98/hour
  • Maryland: $65,474/year, $19.18/hour
  • Massachusetts: $72,056/year, $21.11/hour
  • Michigan: $62,912/year, $18.43/hour
  • Minnesota: $66,765/year, $19.56/hour
  • Mississippi: $52,340/year, $15.33/hour
  • Missouri: $61,257/year, $17.94/hour
  • Montana: $76,147/year, $22.30/hour
  • Nebraska: $58,720/year, $17.20/hour
  • Nevada: $61,798/year, $18.10/hour
  • New Hampshire: $63,238/year, $18.52/hour
  • New Jersey: $65,626/year, $19.22/hour
  • New Mexico: $59,790/year, $17.51/hour
  • New York: $64,006/year, $18.75/hour
  • North Carolina: $55,593/year, $16.28/hour
  • North Dakota: $58,517/year, $17.14/hour
  • Ohio: $60,841/year, $17,82/hour
  • Oklahoma: $52,602/year, $15.70/hour
  • Oregon: $69,098/year, $20.24/hour
  • Pennsylvania: $61,663/year, $18.06/hour
  • Rhode Island: $66,587/year, $19.50/hour
  • South Carolina: $58,616/year, $17.17/hour
  • South Dakota: $54,997/year, $16.11/hour
  • Tennessee: $56,486/year, $16.55/hour
  • Texas: $56,816/year,  $16.64/hour
  • Utah: $57,112/year, $16.73/hour
  • Vermont: $60,754/year, $17.80/hour
  • Virginia: $58,171/year, $17.04/hour
  • Washington: $70,943/year, $20.78/hour
  • West Virginia: $50,342/year, $14.75/hour
  • Wisconsin: $61,689/year, $18.07/hour
  • Wyoming: $62,001/year, $18.16/hour


Top 10 Highest Paying States and Current Job Availability

Referring to the data above, you can see that figuring out the proper compensation for painters comes down to doing research on your operation’s specific location. While some of these higher numbers may have come as a surprise for your location, it doesn’t always mean there is a heavy demand for painters in that location.

To better understand this wide variation in pay amount and job demand, look at the top 10 highest paying states for painter salaries and the accompanying job availability for that location.

  • Montana: $76,147/year, $22.30/hour, 52 jobs
  • Alaska: $72,121/year, $21.12/hour, 20 jobs
  • Hawaii: $71,335/year, $20.89/hour, 26 jobs
  • Washington: $70,943/year, $20.78/hour, 324 jobs
  • Oregon: $69,098/year, $20.24/hour, 188 jobs
  • California: $68,732/year, $20.13/hour, 911 jobs
  • Illinois: $68,364/year, $20.02/hour, 369 jobs
  • Minnesota: $66,765/year, $19.56/hour, 338 jobs
  • Rhode Island: $66,587/year, $19.50/hour, 32 jobs
  • Colorado: $66,245/year, $19.40/hour, 181 jobs


Cities with the Highest Painter Salaries in Each State – Average Salary

As you can see from the numerous mentions of it, location plays a prominent role in determining the average salary of a painter. But even with this haul of state data, it might not be enough to determine fair compensation for your specific location properly. For areas that possess both rural and bustling city areas, you may discover that there are even further differences in compensation on a city-to-city basis rather than just on a state-to-state level.

Take, for instance, the state of Arizona. While the typical salary for a painter in Arizona is $63,014/year or $18.46/hour, the busy city of Scottsdale, AZ, holds an average painter salary of $70,362/year or $20.61/hour. While the difference in compensation isn’t vastly different, you can see that both state city-specific factors will influence a  painter’s salary.

With a U.S. annual average of $62,227 per year or $18.23 per hour for professional painters, take a look at each state’s highest paying cities to see where your current salary expectations or compensation offerings lie.

  • Tuscaloosa, AL: $66,547/year, $19.49/hour
  • Anchorage, AK: $69,124/year, $20.25/hour
  • Scottsdale, AZ: $70,362/year, $20.61/hour
  • Rodgers, AR: $61,315/year, $17.96/hour
  • San Francisco, CA: $84,362/year,  $24.71/hour
  • Littleton, CO: $74,770/year, $21.90/hour
  • Stamford, CT: $69,711/year, $20.42/hour
  • Lewes, DE: $95,821/year, $28.07/hour
  • Jacksonville, FL: $61,001/year, $17.87/hour
  • Savannah, GA: $68,143/year, $19.96/hour
  • Honolulu, HI: $76,530/year, $22.42/hour
  • Post Falls, ID: $71,129/year, $20.83/hour
  • Naperville, IL: $80,029/year, $23.44/hour
  • South Bend, IN: $68,259/year, $19.99/hour
  • Council Bluffs, IA: $66,890/year, $17.81/hour
  • Kansas City, KS: $77,628/year, $22.74/hour
  • Richmond, KY: $69,167/year, $20.26/hour
  • Metairie, LA: $86,470/year, $25.33/hour
  • Kittery, ME: $82,527/year, $24.17/hour
  • Rockville, MD: $68,984/year, $20.21/hour
  • Woburn, MA; $74,680/year, $21.87/hour
  • Southfield, MI: $77,086/year, $22.58/hour
  • Minneapolis, MN: $77,090/year, $22.58/hour
  • Pascagoula, MS: $67,442/year, $19.75/hour
  • St. Louis, MO: $67,429/year, $19.75/hour
  • Butte, MT: $95,451/year, $27.96/hour
  • Bellevue, NE: $67,492/year, $19.77/hour
  • Reno, NV: $76,686/year, $22.46/hour
  • Nashua, NH: $70,165/year, $20.55/hour
  • Phillipsburg, NJ: $78,262/year, $22.92/hour
  • Roswell, NM: $66,215/year, $19.39/hour
  • Manhattan, NY: $92.988/year, $27.24/hour
  • Concord, NC: $62,613/year, $18.34/hour
  • Fargo, ND: $64,469/year, $18.88/hour
  • Lorain, OH: $72,918/year, $21.36/hour
  • Ardmore, OK: $63,157/year, $18.50/hour
  • Lincoln City, OR: $78,091/year, $22.87/hour
  • Bethlehem, PA: $71,856/year, $21.05/hour
  • Barrington, RI: $71,705/year, $21.00/hour
  • Greenville, SC: $67,468/year, $19.76/hour
  • Watertown, SD: $59,450/year, $17.41/hour
  • Nashville, TN: $66,346/year, $19.43/hour
  • Waco, TX: $63,736/year, $18.67/hour
  • Park City, UT: $65,863/year, $18.95/hour
  • Burlington, VT: $65,678/year, $19.24/hour
  • Alexandria, VA: $62,699/year, $18.37/hour
  • Seattle, WA: $79,946/year, $23.42/hour
  • West Virginia: N/A
  • Eau Claire, WI: $70,026/yearm $20.51/hour
  • Cheyenne, WY: $67,248/year, $19.70/hour


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