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Creating the Best Electrician Estimate Template

Creating the Best Electrician Estimate Template

April 8, 2021

Developing an electrician estimate template or customizing one to your business can make your life worlds easier. It not only gives you a more professional flair, but it also makes bidding on jobs much easier. It saves time, and it helps you to attract more business.

So, how do you go about getting the perfect template? How do you create one? What information should you include?

Below is a guide to help you create the best electrician estimate template for your business. And feel free to download our template here to get started. Or, if you’re looking for something more, consider using our electrical estimating software.

Why Is an Electrician Estimate Template Necessary?

An electrician estimate template gives your clients information about your work. The estimate template tells your clients exactly what services you offer and how much they will cost.

It is a very important document to have as an electrician. It provides proof, in black and white, of the terms of agreement for your contracts.

The estimate thoroughly describes the work you will do and the responsibilities of each party; namely, yourself and the client.

The template states the cost for your services plainly before you start working.

Imagine you made a deal with a friend to do some work. At the start, you said, “I will wire your whole bathroom for $700.” You both agreed, but you had no estimate template.

Then after you’ve done the job, your friend says, “Hmm… I think I’ll give you $400 for this job. After all, it’s a very small bathroom.”

Now, do you see why the estimate template is important? It’s always a good idea to have one at the ready.

If necessary, your estimate can protect you in court for any legal matters that may occur. Also, it prevents misunderstandings between you and your clients.

For example, if a client is dissatisfied with the work you’ve done, you can both check the estimate template to see what you agreed on. Then, you can compare the finished work with the agreed milestones and adjust if needed.

Even if you know your client personally, an estimate template is still a must. Laying the terms out clearly helps eliminate possible issues later.

What Information Should You Include in Your Template

When making your electrician estimate template, be sure to include spaces for all of the following pieces of information.

  • The name of your business. Once you are signing a contract with a client, your name must be on it. No exceptions. It must clearly state that you are responsible for completing the job. This should include not only the name of the company but the name of the person who completed the estimate and any required licensing information.
  • The name of the client. Be sure to leave a space in your template for the client’s name. This states who you are working with in no uncertain terms. A contract must be between at least two parties – you and the client.
  • The date. Leave a space for the date of the estimate. The date and details of the work you propose to do will remind you and your potential client of conditions before work started. You can also leave a space for the projected end date of the project.
  • A list of services. On the template, leave enough space for your specific services. Word these clearly with a short description of each service. This lets your clients know what to expect exactly. It prevents any surprises at the end of the job.
  • Service period. Ensure you have a space for your expected time frames. State the estimated time to complete each service clearly. This tells your clients how long they will need to wait for the completed work.
  • Service charges. Beside each service should be a space for charges. Provide the cost for each type of service you offer. This is essential. It lets clients know what to expect before accepting a job. It also allows them to compare your rates with other electricians.
  • Final price. There should be a section on your template for the overall project cost. State the final cost of the project along with any taxes and extra fees you expect to charge.

Other Useful Information to Include

Aside from the basics above, there are a few other things to consider for your template. These will make your template more comprehensive. Some of these additions include the following.

  • Project brief/description. It is a good idea to include a section for a project description in your template. This is just a summary of the overall job that you are proposing to do.
  • A list of parts/products. Create a section in your template for a list of the parts that you will be using for a particular job.
  • Quantity of parts. Following the above point, leave a section beside each part for stating the quantity of each part needed.
  • Price of parts. Beside the list of parts, leave some space for the unit price and total price for each part.

Making the Electrician Invoice Template

Making your own template is a relatively simple task. Of course, the more details you add, the more complex it gets.

For simplicity, you can make your template in Word, Excel, or something similar. Use something you are already familiar with if possible.

First, insert everything that will be a part of every project you do. This would include your personal name or company name.

Be sure to leave a space for the start and end dates. Next, leave a space for your client’s contact information.

After that, decide how you want to format the other information (services, charges, etc.). Once you have decided on a format, create the layout on the page. It’s usually best to present the data in a tabular form so that your potential client can read it easily.

After making your template, check to ensure all that essential data is present.

For an easier method to create your template, you might consider using electrical estimating software.

Getting Started

There you have it: how to create your professional, comprehensive electrician estimate template. The estimate template makes it very easy for you to approach clients. It gives you a more professional image.

There is some basic information that should be present in your template. This includes your name, date, and cost estimate. The process for creating the template is very simple. Just choose your preferred software, create your tables, and then insert your information. Add some formatting to make it look professional. And there you have it.

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