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FREE Contractor Invoice Templates

FREE Contractor Invoice Templates

May 1, 2019
More Efficiency, Less Paperwork. Easily manage jobs, customers, scheduling, employees, and business costs and profit.

Download Free Invoice Templates for Contractors

Not ready to sign up for FieldPulse to take advantage of electronic invoicing via your smartphone and computer? Download our free invoice templates Excel file to create beautiful invoice PDFs from your computer.

  1. Download the Excel file.
  2. Insert your invoice information into the placeholders.
  3. Save as “PDF” to create a PDF of the invoice.

Benefits of Using Contractor Invoice Templates

#1: An Invoice Template will Increase Customer Satisfaction

Your invoice is the last impression of your business that you will leave a customer with. Hand-written invoices can be hard to read and come across as being unprofessional.

When you create a pdf of the invoice and email it to the customer you give them the opportunity to search and locate the document whenever needed. Since it is typed and not handwritten it will be readable and avoid any confusion on what work was done. Last it will give you digital documentation of your transaction.

# 2: You Will Stop wasting Time When You Start with an Invoice Template

There is certain information that should be included to create the perfect Invoice. By using an Invoice Template you can have some of this information populated such as your company’s basic contact info, terms and conditions, and any discounts offered. You can also have a place formatted to add in the cost breakdown of materials and services and a description of the services that were performed.

Easy to use,
easy to customize,
and easy on your wallet.

7-Day free trial // no credit card required.