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July 7, 2021
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After the core foundation of a new home or business is constructed, electricians are some of the first professionals from a line of specialty trades to begin working their magic on the property. Tasked with the job of creating and maintaining a property’s energy system, electricians are also some of the first to implement any environmentally-friendly or energy-saving green solutions for new property owners.

As more customers seek green solutions across all aspects of their home or business, now is the time for electricians to begin to offer green solutions as a part of their services. Take a look below to learn more about the rise of green electricians, as well as which services and products they offer to not only better the environment, but also enhance their product offerings and customer base.

Rise of the Green Electrician

As the clean energy sector continues to make its impact across all trade sectors, electricians in particular are experiencing a significant need to keep up with current demand. According to the Klein Tools State of the Industry report, almost half of all electricians have seen a significant increase in the amount of sustainable energy electrical work.

The increased demand in sustainable energy solutions has also created a heavier request for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified electricians. This accreditation demonstrates a strong understanding of green building practices and the principles of the green rating system it uses. With recent years seeing massive advancements in sustainable energy solutions, such as solar and wind technology, thousands of jobs have been created in the electrical sector to more specifically address the needs of these advanced sustainable systems.

Outside of advanced sustainable energy technologies, green electricians are also updating even the simplest of services — like installing smart power outlets — to implement solutions that work to better conserve energy and minimally impact the environment. With even the smallest green updates making a difference for our environment, explore which green solutions electricians should consider offering.

Technology and Solutions for the Green Electrician

With demand for sustainable energy solutions facing no slow downs anytime soon, electricians of all professional levels should consider adopting green solutions. From advanced solar system services to simple lighting automation solutions, there are several service offering opportunities that can help increase your customer base and expand your business.

Solar Energy Solutions

Outside of common services that an electrician can provide, such as new build wiring and circuit add-ons, electricians looking to provide a more advanced green approach with their services should consider adding a solar expertise. With heavy advancements in solar energy technology, it’s now easier than ever for customers to incorporate a solar energy system into their home or business. With the proper education and certification, electricians can upgrade their services list to provide solar panel and inverter installation along with system component maintenance and repair services.

Automation Technology

A simple way to conserve energy usage in a home or business is to simply not use what is not required. Considering this is much easier said than done, there are now green solutions that electricians can offer to help automate and monitor the use of energy throughout a home or business in order to better conserve and boost efficiency.

For instance, daylight harvesting technology incorporates the use of photodetectors to monitor a home or business’s current daylight amounts to supply the location with only the amount of artificial lighting it requires. Likewise, motion sensor services can further extend energy-saving efforts by monitoring the presence of people to only use lighting energy when needed in a location.

Energy Monitoring and Smart Control

Sometimes the easiest way for a customer to reduce unnecessarily heavy energy use is to pinpoint the source of overuse. As such, green electricians should consider offering energy monitoring systems for customers' homes and businesses. This technology allows electricians to track the consumption of energy across a home or business to locate and help reduce heavy use areas. Likewise, different smart home technology products, such as smart thermostats and power outlets, allow the eco-friendly consumer to remotely control, monitor and schedule energy across the home, all while saving money.

Enhance Your Green Services Today

With green solutions and technologies being introduced to the electrician trade sector each year, it’s important to stay up to date with current demand. As more and more eco-conscious consumers search for the best local green solution services, electricians should consider offering more sector specific services, such as solar energy solutions and energy monitoring technology.

As green service calls roll in, you should also consider remaining on top of management operations to ensure effective daily operations and limit your own energy and paper waste. With FieldPulse software, workflow elements including scheduling, customer management, estimates and invoicing, dispatching, and more can all be completed from one, easy-to-use platform.

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