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Texas HVAC Salary Guide

Texas HVAC Salary Guide

August 10, 2022
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As the second largest state in the entirety of the United States, the state of Texas offers enormous labor opportunities to those in the HVAC industry. With many cities experiencing both extreme heat and freezing conditions every year, there’s simply no lack of continuous HVAC work or HVAC technicians in the lone start state.

As an HVAC business owner, you may find yourself needing an extra set of hands from time to time to help maintain customer demands and service requests. In such a competitive field, providing fair salaries to your technicians is one the best ways to secure long-term employees and build a well reputable company in your area.


Whether your HVAC company operates out of a busy city center or from a rural location, it’s important to understand local averages to ensure employees are paid fairly for their hard work. However, the demand for HVAC technicians, the general cost of living, and individual skill levels are just some of the factors that can impact an HVAC salary in Texas compared to those of other HVAC technicians.

So, we organized this guide of Texas state and city HVAC technician salary data to help companies in the lone star state determine the best pay for your employees. Keep reading to learn what your Texas area is paying HVAC professionals on average.

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How Much Does an HVAC Technician Make on Average?

Across the United States, the average HVAC technician’s salary can vary quite significantly between locations. A wide variety of localized factors, including the general HVAC labor demand and the average cost of living for that specific area, determine pricing. Therefore, employers must keep in mind that city-to-city salary averages may also vary significantly in a single state.

How Much Does an HVAC Technician Make in Texas on Average?

According to Indeed salary averages, the average base salary for an HVAC technician in the state of Texas is $48,420/year or $24.16/hour. This HVAC technician salary amount currently matches the national average for HVAC technicians, unlike some of Texas’s neighboring states like Oklahoma and Arkansas that currently sit below the national average.

HVAC employers must note that these are average amounts. Specific individual factors, such as previous years of experience, current licensing, and past training and education credentials, and other skills can drive this average amount higher or lower. When searching for a specific skill set and experience amount, it’s important for managers to match their salary offerings with those expectations.


Texas HVAC Salary Averages by City

As previously mentioned, an average salary can not only vary significantly from state to state but from city to city in a single state as well. In Texas, this couldn’t be more true. Significant divisions between metropolitan living and rural-type living exist all across the state, driving the demand for HVAC professionals in different directions.

To better comprehend the differences in HVAC salary averages that can persist across the state of Texas, we compiled a list of 10 various Texas cities and the accompanying HVAC technician salary averages they offer:

  • Houston: $50,104/year, $25.00/hour
  • Dallas: $50,664/year, $25.28/hour
  • Austin: $52,603/year, $26.24/hour
  • El Paso: $40,290/year, $20.10/hour
  • Arlington: $46.018/year, $22.96/hour
  • Corpus Christi: $43,322/year, $21.61/hour
  • Plano: $53,391/year, $26.64/hour
  • Amarillo: $42,161/year, $21.04/hour
  • Waco: $43,668/year, $21.79/hour
  • Odessa: $55,169/year, $27.52/hour

As you can see, salary averages for HVAC technicians can vary significantly from city to city, with some locations earning upwards of 10% below or above the national average. Depending on your specific operating location, HVAC managers must take the time to use salary tools like Indeed to understand their specific local average to ensure HVAC technicians are paid fairly.


Top 5 Highest Paying Texas Cities and Current Job Availability

Whether you’re a Texas resident on the hunt for a new career in HVAC or an industry veteran operating your very own HVAC company, it’s important to understand the top salary opportunities in your state. Knowledge of where the biggest demand and highest salaries exist can also help you discover where the best employment and business opportunities may lie.

Using Texas labor statistics from Indeed, we uncovered the top five highest paying cities for HVAC technicians, as well as the accompanying job availability and average salary amounts they have to offer.

  1. Pflugerville: $58,901/year, $29.39/hour, 284 jobs currently available
  2. Plano: $53,391/year, $26.64/hour,  508 jobs currently available
  3. Austin: $52,603/year, $26.24/hour, 296 jobs currently available
  4. Garland: $50,823/year, $25.36/hour, 596 jobs currently available
  5. Dallas: $50,664/year, $25.28/hour, 678 jobs currently available

While the highest average salaried cities in Texas tend to hover around the overall state average, there are still some decent differences in pay and overall job availability. Bear in mind, these are only average amounts, and if you are on the hunt for HVAC professionals who possess both practical knowledge and extensive industry experience, applicant salary expectations could be even higher.

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What is the Highest Paying HVAC Job?

With the right training program, trade education, and industry experience, HVAC professionals have the ability to advance their careers and obtain salary amounts that exceed the above general Texas averages. Outside of HVAC technician roles, there are numerous other advanced positions that can offer some of the best pay in the entire industry.

For instance, some of the highest paying HVAC jobs include:

  • Thermal Engineers: $94,000-130,500/year
  • CFD Engineers:  $80,500-$96,500/year
  • HVAC Project Managers: $67,500-$100,000/year
  • Air Conditioning Engineer: $53,000-$95,000/year
  • HVAC Estimator: $50,000-83,500/year

The HVAC industry offers numerous advancement opportunities for any level professional with a thorough understanding of air conditioning systems. Taking the time to research these various positions and the potential compensation amounts could be the first step to advancing your career.


Is HVAC a Good Career in Texas?

If you’ve begun your career search into the HVAC industry, but simply don’t know if Texas is a good location for that, do not worry. One thing for sure is that there is no weak demand for air conditioning and heating solutions in the state of Texas. Recent winter freezes and scorching summer drought conditions have fueled the need for HVAC professionals in Texas for quite some time now, and show no signs of slowing down in the near future.

Furthermore, many trade industries, including HVAC and plumbing, have dealt with nationwide labor shortages for multiple years. While this is unfortunate for HVAC business owners, it creates great career opportunities for upcoming HVAC professionals. And unlike many college degree programs that require a 4-year minimum, many HVAC training programs offer fast completion windows to allow individuals to get to work more quickly.

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