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The Best HVAC Apps

The Best HVAC Apps

January 4, 2022

Have you looked at your options and discovered the best HVAC apps on the market?

Working in HVAC, there are a lot of tasks that can eat into your time. When you’re not hunting down equipment manuals or performing calculations, you’re trying to manage your business and keep your team in sync. Fortunately, there are a variety of useful apps that HVAC technicians can use to streamline their work and reclaim their time.

Best HVAC Apps

Below are some of the best HVAC apps we’ve found, both in terms of the trade as well as managing a small businesses:

  • FieldPulse
  • QuickBooks Online
  • NiceJob
  • Canva
  • MailChimp
  • measureQuick
  • CE HVAC Assist Mobile App
  • HVAC Buddy
  • Ref Tools by Danfoss
  • HyTools
  • iManifold
  • CPS Link
  • Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist
  • HVAC Networking Troubleshooting
  • Building Intelligence Center
  • Bluon
  • Furnace Codes and Diagnostics
  • Complete HVAC Dictionary
  • HVAC Know It All
  • HVAC Exam Prep
  • SkillCat App
  • HVAC School
  • HVAC Toolkit Ultimate
  • Emerson’s HVACR Mobile Apps
  • Browning Toolbox Technician
  • HVAC Pressure/Temperature
  • CFM Airflow Calculator
  • SEER’s Energy Savings Calculator
  • HVAC Superheat Calculator
  • Duct Calculator Elite

HVAC Business Apps

FieldPulse Field Service Management Software

hvac business softwareFieldPulse’s HVAC software allows you to manage your entire HVAC business from one app. Invoice customers and take payments on the spot. Find the fastest routes to handle all your calls for the day. Automate customer management and communications with templated emails and SMS to let customers know you’re on your way. Even price jobs instantly and upsell with tools like FieldPulse’s proposal tool, price book, and maintenance agreements.

FieldPulse’s field service management app is also incredibly flexible. It includes custom fields and forms and invoice item repositories to organize information in a way that’s intuitive for your business’s unique needs.

Features include:

  • Estimates, Invoices, Payments
  • Service, Equipment, and Part Repository
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Sales Tools, like FieldPulse’s Online Proposal Tool and Pricebook
  • Job Scheduling, Dispatch, GPS Tracking, Clock-In/Out, Timesheets
  • Inventory
  • Customer Database and Customer Communications With Automations
  • Asset Management For Equipment
  • Cost and Profit Tracking And Analysis, Tax and Markup Calculators
  • Electronic Signatures and Contracts
  • Task Management and Assignments
  • File and Photo attachments
  • …and more!

The FieldPulse HVAC service app is available on iOS and Android, with a web browser app and 7-day free trial.

QuickBooks Online

Whether you’re an HVAC technician or office admin, QuickBooks Online is an excellent tool for managing your business. With capabilities like mileage tracking, estimates, invoices, and management of bills and contractors alike, QuickBooks has convenient features, multiple helpful resources, and a user-friendly interface. Try out a test drive today! Quickbooks Online starts as low as $25/mo and integrates seamlessly with FieldPulse.


nicejob reviews

NiceJob is an absolute must-have in the HVAC industry. Your business needs to stand out from the rest the way you know it should. This app takes care of posting your best stories and reviews to your choice of social media while increasing your amount of reviews with automatic email and text options. More reviews lead to a better online presence, which means your business grows while you focus on doing the job right.  NiceJob integrates with FieldPulse starting as low as $75/month.


canva hvacCanva is the fastest and easiest way to create graphics for your business. With an easy-to-use drag and drop editor, you can quickly create social media posts, business cards, flyers, and other business marketing assets. The editor comes pre-loaded with thousands of pre-made designs, fonts, and access to stock images and other graphics you can add directly to your graphics. But it doesn’t stop there.

Canva even has a social media scheduling tool integrated so you can schedule posts to social media after their creation. Alternatively, print your designs directly from the app through VistaPrint. Designs range everywhere from business cards and yard signs to branded t-shirts.

Canva also has a robust library of educational resources for graphic design and marketing. There are free courses on topics like mastering social media and live webinars cover topics like creating branded videos for your business. Canva is free but offers plans starting at $12.99/month for access to premium templates and stock photography.

Pro-Tip: Download FieldPulse’s 20+ FREE Canva social media templates for HVAC companies who want to make their online presence look more professional.



MailChimp is an easy-to-use email marketing platform for small businesses. First, collect customers’ information with forms and segment those email addresses into lists. Then, use MailChimp’s simple editor for beautiful, professional emails. MailChimp can then automate emails in a workflow to go out during specific times. MailChimp is free to accounts with under 2,000 contacts.


HVAC Troubleshooting Apps

measureQuick HVAC troubleshooting


MeasureQuick’s HVAC service app allows technicians to measure and diagnose air conditioning and heating system problems. Its framework organizes diagnostic tools into prebuilt checklists that enable companies to document and refine their processes to make sure diagnostics are correct and consistent between technicians.

Store diagnostic data and information about jobs, equipment, and systems all in one place where they can be easily retrieved. Not only will your techs be able to complete jobs faster, but they’ll be able to leverage live system data to increase sales using measureQuick’s detailed PDF reports. Even brand these reports with your company logo. MeasureQuick is a free HVAC app available on both iOS and Android.


CE HVAC Assist Mobile App

CE HVAC Assistance Mobile app is one of the best HVAC service apps.  A simple dashboard lets you choose which tool you need, from product availability to parts lists. The app enables you to search for information quickly, whether product price, spec sheets or wiring diagrams. And when you’re out and gathering information from a customer’s HVAC system, you can use the handy pressure drop calculation and temperature calculator. Pressure maintenance calculation has never been more straightforward. The Carrier Enterprise Assist Mobile App is available free on iOS and Android.


CE HVAC Assist Mobile App

HVAC Buddy

HVAC Buddy is one of the most convenient apps for HVAC professionals. HVAC Buddy is responsible for two apps: HVAC Charging & Diagnostic and HVAC Pressure Temperature.  HVAC Buddy can help you calculate superheat and subcooling targets for heating and cooling systems. It also works as an HVAC troubleshooting app to encourage correct maintenance and allows you to send reports by text or email. Both apps by HVAC Buddy are available on iOS and Android, and the HVAC Pressure Temperature app is also available on the web.


Ref Tools by Danfoss

Ref Tools is a must-have for HVAC technicians. This app has multiple tools for HVAC pros, including a troubleshooter, a spare parts finder, and even a collection of podcasts. Ref Tools also includes the Refrigerant Slider, a user-friendly HVAC app now integrated inside Ref Tools. This allows technicians to calculate pressure to temperature conversions. This Refrigerant Slider also consists of an enormous library of over 80+ different refrigerants, including natural refrigerants. It also provides detailed information about each refrigerant, including GWP (global warming potential), ODP (ozone-depleting potential), class, oil type, chemical blend, and CAS number. Access the Danfoss app free online here.


Ref Tools by Danfoss


This HVAC service app is an easy go-to for your hydronic calculations. Enter two of the values for the calculation, and the app will give you the third. It also helps with valve sizing and unit conversion and is constantly updated with helpful tools for you, the HVAC professional. The HyTools app is available free on iOS and Android.



iManifold is easily one of the top HVAC apps on the market. This HVAC software allows storage and simple transfer of documents and files, a Tech Connect group discussion format, and onboard diagnostic and troubleshooting for those times when you need to sort through the live system data. iManifold is free and available on iOS and Android, with an option to upgrade Pro+ for $19.95/month.


CPS Link

CPSLink is what happens when HVAC technology catches up with wireless connectivity. This HVAC app focuses on collecting all your temperatures, airflow, pressure, and humidity data in one place and making it available to you any time, wirelessly. CPS Link is available free on iOS and Android.


CPS Link

Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist

This is one of the best HVAC apps available for free. It is designed for and dedicated to the HVAC pros who need information on systems. This app will be one of your favorites, from specs sheets and installation guides to HVAC equipment models and Heating and Cooling Supply locations.  The Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist app is available free on iOS.

HVAC Network Troubleshooting

Whether you’re looking for a good HVAC service app for troubleshooting, or you just want to make sure you have the correct system charge, the HVAC Network Troubleshooting app will be there to assist with all your HVAC tech needs. HVAC Network is available free on Android and iOS.


Databases for HVAC Technicians

Building Intelligence Center

This database compiles over 500+ brands so HVAC pros can determine the date of production/manufacture or age of systems from their serial number. Under each HVAC technology manufacturer, you’ll find a quick tutorial that decodes the serial number as well as contact information for that air conditioning/heating brand. The complete HVAC index can be accessed free online.



bluon for hvac

The Bluon app contains a database with over 30,000 manuals and documentation for air conditioning and heating units, including equipment and service manuals, wiring diagrams, and parts lists. It also provides several other essential tools and resources for an HVAC technician, including installation guides and videos, calculators, and reference charts like a temp chart. Features include parts lists, wiring diagrams, subcool and superheat calculators, and an HVAC refrigerant PT chart. In addition, install, operation, and maintenance manuals, guides, and videos for HVAC systems will help walk you through common issues. Bluon is free and available on both iOS and Android.


Furnace Codes and Diagnostics

This app is specifically for the HVAC tech who works on furnaces. This app includes a database of troubleshooting information sorted by manufacturer and model number. This makes it a must-have app for the job site when the manual isn’t handy, or the sticker has gone missing. The Furnace Codes and Diagnostics app is available free on Android.


HVAC Learning Apps


Complete HVAC Dictionary

hvac know it all

HVAC students and seasoned pros can use this app to catch up on their HVAC terminology. This HVAC app makes it simple to look up words and see definitions for HVAC industry terminology instead of combing through the internet for a simple definition. The HVAC Dictionary App is available free on Android.


HVAC Know It All

If you’ve spent any time on social media, you know HVAC Know It All has one of the best HVAC accounts – and now he’s created an app. This HVAC app has a great community of HVAC professionals and HVAC students who are all there to help answer questions and provide feedback.  The HVAC Know It All app is available for .99/month or 9.99/year on iOS and Android.


HVAC Flashcards

What are hydronic distribution systems?  Which are the best cooling systems on the market? What exactly is an air separator? What about the best way to maintain temperature control? This HVAC app will help you be the best HVAC tech you can be. Then, when you’re ready for HVAC exam prep, HVAC flashcards will help you focus on the core concepts of the HVAC industry to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be for the exam. The HVAC Flashcards app is available on both Android and iOS.


HVAC Exam Prep

When you’re tired of HVAC flashcards and it’s (almost) time to move on to the real thing, the HVAC EXam prep app is there for you. You can double-check your radiator power estimation skill, your knowledge of ventilation systems, and how well you know your furnace control boards. In addition, there are HVAC practice tests in three different levels of difficulty and oil and jack heating practice tests and those for IMC Code. It is a must-have app for aspiring HVAC technicians, and luckily, it’s free!  The HVAC Exam Prep app is available on Android and iOS or accessed online. Alternatively, you can try the HVAC Test Prep available on iOS for free.


HVAC exam prep


SkillCat App

The SkillCat app is an HVAC training app that offers free HVAC training and free certifications for technicians through 30+ 3D simulations, videos, and personalized 1:1 coaching. In addition, technicians can apply to hundreds of jobs within the HVAC industry and create resumes directly inside the app. And business owners can not only hire technicians directly from the app but track training progress, send assessments or an HVAC practice test, and ultimately get new hires up to speed faster and improve existing employees’ skills on the job site. The SkillCat app is available on iOS and Android and costs $500 a month, plus $2000 for each technician you hire through SkillCat.






This is one of those HVAC apps that can be very helpful when you can’t be on a job site. It offers a 3D simulation for training and will help you master diagnostic skills for seven different pieces of HVAC equipment. DOTS: HVAC is available free for iOS and Android.


HVAC School

This is a great HVAC service app for both HVAC professionals and students. You can listen to the HVAC School Podcast for up-to-date information on the latest HVAC tech, utilize the calculators for common HVAC equations and read tech tips from the brightest in the HVAC trade. The HVAC School app is available free on Android and iOS.

HVAC Calculator Apps


HVAC Toolkit Ultimate

Carmel Software provides an entire suite of HVAC apps for calculations like an HVAC duct sizer app, pipe sizing, valve sizing, an HVAC load calculator, hydronic calculations, airflow calculators, and psychrometrics— all housed under one app quick and easy access: HVAC Toolkit. The HVAC Toolkit Ultimate app is available on Android and iOS for $23.99 or you can purchase each calculator individually for free to $6.99 each.

hvac toolkit ultimate

Emerson’s HVACR Mobile Apps

Created by Emerson Climate Technologies, these HVAC apps cover the full range of helpful tools any HVAC tech needs.  Popular favorites include HVACR Fault Finder and HVAC Check & Charge. The HVACR Fault Finder works as an HVAC troubleshooting app, while the  HVAC Check & Charge app handles refrigerant charging. Hence, you know the correct refrigerant charge, system temperature, environmental loads, and proper system charge. HVAC techs can find Emerson’s full suite of apps here free.


Browning Toolbox Technician

HVACR mobile apps HVAC Professionals can use the Browning Toolbox Technician app for multiple things, a calculator or conversion assist, but most impressively with V-Belt troubleshooting. The V-Belt ID Wizards allow you to identify an installed belt without the product ID quickly. Browning ToolBox Technician is available on iOS and Android free.


HVAC Pressure/Temperature

This HVAC app is most useful for refrigerator systems. It includes handy HVAC refrigerant PT charts and will help make sure that when you’re refrigerant charging, you’re doing it right. It is your one-stop guide to many different refrigerants used in the HVAC industry. There are two apps available: one on HVAC PT Chart on iOS and one on HVAC Refrigerant PT on Android for free.


CFM Airflow Calculator

Like many of the HVAC apps on this list, the CFM Airflow Calculator is there for your convenience when managing the calculation of a room’s airflow. This also makes it a helpful HVAC duct sizing app with its handy CFM sizing chart. You can access the CFM Airflow Calculator free online.


cfm airflow calculator

SEER’s Energy Savings Calculator

SEER’s Energy Savings Calculator is an incredible sales tool for an HVAC professional. You can show customers first-hand roughly how much money they’d save by upgrading their equipment to a high-efficiency system. SEER’s Energy Savings Calculator is available free on the web.


HVAC Superheat Calculator

The HVAC Superheat Calculator does as it says, and the app does it well. The app is highly reviewed and improves its service based on user comments. This HVAC app not only calculates superheat but also subcooling and friction rate.  The HVAC Superheat Calculator is available free on Android.


Duct Calculator Elite

Duct Calc Elite is a simple HVAC duct sizer that allows an HVAC technician to calculate ductwork by size, velocity, pressure drop, and flow rate. While being a convenient HVAC duct sizer, this app can also be sure of the calculated duct friction loss on an existing duct system. Duct Calculator Elite is available for $6.99 on iOS and Android.

Streamline your business with the best HVAC apps

Now that you have the right tools, you can use them to build bulletproof processes that eliminate all the unnecessary, time-consuming tasks that cut into your day-to-day. As a result, you’ll finally be able to take on more work and improve your overall profitability with some of the best HVAC apps on the market!


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