The Ultimate Guide To Roofing Accessories

August 5, 2021
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There's more to a roof than just shingles. Roofing accessories are an easy way to improve the functionality of a roof — all while helping it look snazzy. The problem is, most of your customers might be completely clueless when it comes to knowing what roofing accessories are even out there, which is why it's your job to let them know. In most cases, they're an easy upgrade that translates to more sales for you and a beautiful result for the client.

Let's take a look at some of the most common roofing accessories and how they can benefit your clients.

Chimney Caps

If you're working on a house with a chimney, a chimney cap is a must. It's basically a customized covering for the top of the chimney to prevent critters from getting inside. More than that, it also reduces moisture to help prevent mold or decay and keeps embers from causing a fire on the roof. While they're typically made of copper or steel mesh, you can work with your client to create a customized design they'll love. Though if the cap won't be visible from the ground below, a more standard cap will work just fine.

Box Gutters

While they're not so commonplace anymore, box gutters are an antique style of gutter made from a wooden frame covered by metal. They were typically built into the bottom part of the roof, making them a more permanent fixture than today's gutters. For older homes, switching to box gutters can help maintain the authenticity of the home as they blend in better with the original architecture. They're great for restoration projects for that very reason.

Ice and Snow Underlayment

For places that experience a lot of wintry precipitation, an ice and snow guard underlayment is essential. A well-installed roof should provide adequate protection against the elements. But when there are three feet of snow and ice sitting on the slope, it can't hurt to have a little extra waterproofing. These underlayments are just a film that's applied directly to the roof deck to add additional leak protection during  bad weather.


It's not uncommon for heat and moisture to collect in attics. When this happens, the hot air and water need somewhere to go — otherwise, they put the health of the roof at risk. Vents can help ensure a safe escape so the roof lasts longer. Depending on the type of roof, you may have a few options to offer customers:

  • Solar roof vents use energy from the sun to pull air and moisture from the attic.
  • Ridge vents go at the very peak of the roof, which is where most of the hot air should naturally leak out.
  • Passive roof vents go along the upper edge of the roof to allow heat to naturally escape.

Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and fascia are the dynamic duo to any new roof install. These bits that hang under the gutter might not seem too important, but they're essential for keeping roofing rafters and joists dry and happy. Beyond helping to protect the home, soffit and fascia provide the homeowner a chance to give their roof a bit of flair. In most cases, these will be the most visible parts of the roof, so adding decorative elements can give the home more personality.

Solar Photovoltaic Kits

The future is here when it comes to solar energy. Solar panels on roofs are becoming more and more common, especially in areas that see tons of UV on an annual basis. These solar photovoltaic kits can be used to place panels on the slope of a roof to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. From there, the customer can power their home or sell their extra electricity back to their utility company.

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