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February 20, 2024
How to run a trades business

Didn’t get a chance to attend our Field Service Mastery Webinar? Don’t worry! We are sharing our top 5 takeaways from the week-long series. These insights will help you scale your business in 2024 and beyond!


Creating buy-in with your team leads to a better experience for your customers

– Josh Huite

WHY: If your field service techs feel like they understand the larger landscape of the business, you are building trust and giving them the visibility to step up and really make a difference. This can help them build their sales skills, communication skills, commitment and many more. 


HOW: Share your big picture business goals with your team, share the “why” behind decisions that you are making for the business so that your techs can feel like they can create impact for the business, rather than just getting their jobs done.



  • Not only does building trust help your techs gain confidence, it also helps you gain confidence and trust. If your techs understand the why behind the decisions you are making, they can really trust that you are taking the business in the right direction and they get a sense of security. 
  • And of course, fieldpulse helps you keep track of the big picture all the way down to the details of your business. You can feel confident that you have the right information at your disposal to make the right decisions for you and your team.

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Simplify your lead generation process, and directing leads to one place makes it easier to keep track of leads and will help you avoid losing important information.

– Becca Ellison

WHY: Simplifying your lead generation process helps build consistency both for you and for your customers. Consistency in experience can help build customer loyalty for your business and it can help you ensure you are staying organized even during busy seasons. 


HOW: Instead of accepting information from your customers in any way, guide them to a place where they can submit all of their information, such as an online form. If they are calling you, emailing or texting, you can take a moment to say, thank you so much for calling, can you please submit all of your information in the form on my website and we will get someone out to your location right away.



Not only does this help streamline your processes, it is helping you ensure you are collecting all the information that will help your team complete the job as efficiently as possible. AND the customer won’t get annoyed that you have to keep following up asking for their address…again.

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Your clients aren’t just paying for your services, they are funding your entire operation. 

– Richard Behney


WHY: If your clients only paid for the time and money you put into their repair, your business would never grow. When you pay for a computer, you’re paying for all the parts, research, jobs, time and energy spent creating that computer. You have to price your time strategically to reach your business goals. 


HOW: Planning. Look at the next 6 months to a year of your business. What do you want to accomplish? Is there anything you’re looking to invest in? Do you want to go to a conference? Do you want to hire another technician? Look at the price of these goals and factor it into your pricing today before these activities hit so you aren’t stuck paying for them after. 



So often trades businesses are afraid to increase the price of their services because they feel they’ll lose customers. The reality is, people will pay for your services. They pay for a better experience, a more knowledgeable provider, someone who can get the job done. Everything that you put into your business – time, training, assets, professional development, marketing – all of it builds into the result that your customer gets. When you think about it that way, it makes increasing your rate a more approachable idea. 

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Embrace the human side of social media

Mitch Smedley


WHY? Your business is selling to people, so you have to meet them where they are at. People come to social media to escape the real world and be entertained, not to read through PSAs on how often they should change their air filters each year. A great way to building engagement online is by entertaining your HUMAN customers. 


HOW? Get in the habit of posting a lot. Post on your personal account to build your brand – whether you’re out to dinner, working out, having a funny interaction with your kids, share it. Then every 10 or so posts, share something about your field service business. Ultimately, the best way to get someone to pay attention to what you’re saying, is to give them something that they will find entertaining. 



So many of us think that social media is like an extension of our website. While they are both online, social media serves such a different purpose. If you post all business promotions, people won’t remember you.  Engage your audience with content that is entertaining, yet still relevant to them and you will build a fan for life. Then next time they need to call someone to fix their home, you’ll be top of mind and they can find your website for all your services.  

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The Importance of Trust in Retaining Employees

– Gina Camacho


WHY? Trust goes both ways, and it will always start with you, the business owner. It’s like when a rising tide raises all ships. When your employees feel like they can trust you and ultimately that you trust them, they feel empowered and confident in their position at the company. 


HOW? Trust doesn’t have to mean that you are always overly nice. Trust means being able to have the good and the tough conversations with your team. Celebrating your techs when they are showing initiative and doing good work allows you to then also be able to have constructive conversations with them without feeling like their strengths are being overlooked.  Be honest with your team and share a realistic outlook of business performance and trajectory. The team that is all working towards the same goal ends up victorious in the end.  



When your field service techs trust that you have their best interest at heart, they are more likely to a) do a great job at work and b) want to stay onboard with you and the team you are building. A lack of trust can cause employee turnover time and time again, which costs your business a LOT of money and slows your growth. 

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