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Electrical Tools - Electrician Software

Easy to use software to manage your electrical contracting business

Try our comprehensive tools for job scheduling, customer management, estimates/invoices, payments, timesheets, and more with a FREE 14 day trial!

Packed With Features Yet Easy To Use

FieldPulse starts at only $65 per month for EVERYTHING.
Add extra techs for $10/month each, managers for $20/month each.

  • Estimates & Invoices
  • Contracts & Signatures
  • Customer Management
  • Email & SMS Communications
  • Mobile & Email Payments
  • Custom Forms & Fields
  • Scheduling & Dispatch
  • Clock In/Out
  • Route Planning
  • GPS Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Job Profitability
  • Automation
  • Inventory
  • Purchase Orders
  • File/Photo Attachments
  • Commission Tracking
  • Online Booking
  • Notifications & Reminders
  • Cloud storage
  • User Roles and Restrictions
  • iOS, Android, and web
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Xero Integration
  • Square Integration
  • …and more!

Create professional electrical estimates and invoices

Even the most complex estimates and invoices can be drafted in the field by technicians and submitted on the spot or sent to managers for remote approval.

  • Signatures, contracts, and custom Forms
  • Autofill and invoice templates
  • Store labor rates, supplies, and equipment to plug into invoices without repetitive manual entry
  • Automatic calculations, like subtotals, tax, and totals

Deliver a high-quality, personalized customer experience and win referrals

  • Keep customers’ history at your fingertips including previous jobs, estimates, invoices, files, and photos for quick referencing
  • Sent customers customizable emails and SMS to let them know you’re on the way, remind them of appointments, and follow up for reviews
  • Give customers the power to view all of their job history, estimates, invoices, and payments as well as make work requests, check appointment details, and make payments directly from your client portal

Manage your team like you’re on-site

  • Allow employees to clock-in and out on mobile and desktop
  • Record employees’ time and GPS location automatically
  • Create series of subtasks and procedures for technicians to check off on
  • Get email and app notifications about newly scheduled jobs
  • Stay in the loop with team notes and real-time updates

Build the most efficient schedule for your team

  • Minimize travel time, fuel expenses, and possible overtime by assigning jobs based on relative location for your team members
  • Assign technicians to customers they’ve worked within the past to avoid re-work and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Manage complex schedules with views ranging from plotted map to daily agendas
  • Group users into teams under different managers

Tailor everything to your business’ unique needs

FieldPulse is so customizable you’ll think it was built for you.

  • Add custom fields to your jobs and customer profiles with information like gate codes, alarm codes, and special instructions
  • Apply tags and color coding to customer and job records
  • Limit technicians’ exposure to internal customer lists, invoices, payments, and business activity with user roles and permissions
  • Work seamlessly across iOS, Android, tablet, and web browser at no additional cost

Get back time and remove stress

  • Instantly fill out job records and invoices with autofill
  • Automate time-consuming parts of your day, like reminding customers to approve estimates, pay invoices, and even schedule their next service
  • Set up templates for common jobs, auto-generate basic invoices, and create product/material bundles for common services
  • Track and automate inventory
  • Create purchase orders instantly from quotes and invoices

Monitor costs and profit

  • View your costs and profit breakdown by job, revenue over time, or products vs. services
  • Track sales commissions for every project: Set up standard commissions, determine how commissions are tracked (gross sales or gross profits), and assign commissions to specific items
  • Offer cost visibility only to managers or the whole team as you see fit
  • Assign automatic mark-ups to line items on estimates and invoices

Improve cash flow

  • Collect payments via your phone or online payment requests with FieldPulse’s integrated payment system
  • Easily run reports or filter invoices to see which payments are overdue
  • Easily view open estimates and get notifications when emails are opened to stay on top of opportunities and ensure nothing gets swept under the rug

Xero & QuickBooks Integration Done Right

FieldPulse offers the easiest, most complete sync with Xero and QuickBooks. Most programs just do a basic, limited integration and leave it. We do it right.

Get started in just a few minutes by registering for a free trial. No hardware setup. No maintenance costs. No hidden fees. All data hosting and data backup is managed for you in the cloud. Simply open the WebApp or mobile app and login with your credentials.

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Ready to get started? Hit the ground running with the industry’s best support

  • Free Training for Team & Staff + Industry Best Practices
  • Free 1-on-1 time with Customer Success Specialist
  • Free Help Migrating Customer, Inventory, and Line Items
  • Free Help Customizing Backend Settings
  • Free lifetime support via app chat, phone, video, and email
  • No hardware setup. No maintenance costs. No hidden fees.
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