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The Million Dollar Pro

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Are you a dedicated plumber who's tired of being overworked, overstressed, and underpaid? Have you ever dreamed of turning your plumbing skills into a thriving, multi-million dollar business? You're in the right place! The Million Dollar Plumber is a comprehensive resource for plumbers looking to elevate their business to new heights.

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Meet Richard Behney, your plumbing success coach

Richard Behney is a plumbing industry veteran with almost three decades of experience who understands the challenges faced by great plumbers who often find themselves overworked, overstressed, and underpaid. Drawing from his own experience of starting a plumbing business from scratch with limited resources, Richard shares his proven secrets and processes that allowed him to grow it from his kitchen table into a widely recognized brand and multi-truck, multi-million dollar empire.

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Join Richard's academy.

The Million Dollar Pro Success Academy is your key to unlocking the full potential of your plumbing business. With Richard Behney’s comprehensive training program, you’ll learn his proven secrets to build, manage, and scale a highly profitable plumbing business so you can avoid years of trial and error, wasted time, and financial frustrations. 

The academy is packed with easy-to-follow, in-depth training modules that cover every aspect of running a successful trades business. From financial management to marketing strategies, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive trades industry.

Million Dollar Pro

What you'll learn.

✔ Business Management

You're already a great plumber; now it's time to master the business side of things so your hard work turns into steady revenue.

✔ Proven Strategies for Profitability

Discover the strategies that turned my humble operation into a multi-million dollar plumbing powerhouse.

✔ Efficiency and Freedom

Can't take time off without chaos and feel like your business can't survive without you? Juggling multiple roles? Learn how to streamline your business, reduce effort, and gain more freedom.

✔ Finding and Keeping Quality Plumbers

Say goodbye to staffing woes and create a team that works like a well-oiled machine.

✔ Efficient Systems Implementation

Learn how to implement systems inside your business that make your life easier and employees more productive.

✔ Lead Generation

Learn Richard's best secrets to generate a steady flow of customers and watch your phone ring with eager, paying customers.

Get real answers to your questions - live.

Get real answers to your questions and processes you can plug into your business right now for immediate results.

The Million Dollar Pro Success Academy offers live virtual group coaching sessions, providing direct access to Richard Behney and fellow business owners on a similar journey. In these sessions, you can ask questions, gain insights from industry experts, and receive exclusive training, tips, and valuable takeaways.

And the exclusive community.

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs helping each other thrive in the plumbing industry inside the Academy’s exclusive community. Learn from their experiences, avoiding common mistakes, celebrate successes, and benefit from the wisdom of those who are further along the path to success.


Get the blueprint - free!

Stop guessing and follow the exact system of top plumbers to build a self-sustaining, easy to scale plumbing business… that provides wealth, security, and the life of your dreams. This blueprint lays out all the steps plumbing businesses need to take in order to grow a secure and profitable plumbing business.

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