Ruby Receptionists

Being responsive when customers call is essential when you run a service business. But it might not always be feasible for a small business to have a dedicated receptionist available to answer calls. That’s where Ruby Receptionists come in. Ruby Receptionists offers you a dedicated virtual assistant capable of lead qualification, appointment scheduling, outbound calling, and a dedicated VOIP phone system so you or your team stay available and connected.

Phone, SMS, and Live Chat Solution

Lead Qualification & Intake

Lead Qualification & Intake

VOIP Phone Hosting App

Available 24/7/365,100% US-based

How It Works

Get More Sales

Ruby Receptionists gives your company US-based, bilingual receptionists who can hold conversations in English or Spanish available 24/7 year-round. With Ruby, you’ll have a real person on the other line to represent you and your business, so you can deliver a warm, best-in-class customer service experience and build trust with customers. Increase the likelihood of callers picking you for their project, becoming repeat customers, and eagerly recommending your services to their friends and family.

Your Personal Secretary

Ruby Receptionists helps you cut down time spent on administrative work by capturing potential customers’ contact information and scheduling jobs inside the FieldPulse platform. Ruby Receptionists are also able to answer questions with proactive unscripted problem solving, place outbound calls on your behalf, qualify your incoming leads, and route your calls to the appropriate team member.

Available When You Need It

Ruby Receptionists are available in whatever capacity you need, when you need them. Whether you need a full-time extension of your team, part-time secretary, or just backup support, Ruby Receptionists are there to help. Using Ruby’s app, you can select exactly when you want Ruby to take calls on your behalf.

Switch on the app just when you need it to avoid interruptions when you’re on the go, or during off-hours. Manage how much of your time for that month has been used up directly through the app, and receive real-time notifications for chat transcripts and follow ups via email and your online dashboard.

Keep Your Personal Number Private

In addition to your virtual receptionist, you’ll also have access to a VOIP phone hosting system to manage your customer interactions. This system includes a free number with your local area code, or you can also choose to port and host your own number. The system displays your business number as your caller ID when you use the app to make calls, and send or receive text messages.

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