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What Is FSM Software?

What Is FSM Software?

February 8, 2024
FSM Software

Imagine Field Service Management (FSM) software as a digital assistant that helps you run your field service business more smoothly and efficiently. Whether you’re managing operations with spreadsheets, multiple different platforms, or settling for a management software platform not designed for trade businesses, FSM software will help scale your business to a whole new level.

In the following sections we dive into the features that should be included in an FSM platform and how they can save you time, and ultimately help you scale your business.

Field Service Management software



With FSM software, you can easily schedule jobs for your technicians. It helps you see who is available and assigns tasks based on factors like their skills and location.

Never pass up an urgent job again – dispatch view allows you to see which techs are available and close by so  you can immediately add the job to their schedule. 



Instead of keeping track of jobs on paper or spreadsheets, FSM platform helps you create, organize, and manage work orders digitally. All the details about the job, customer information, and priorities are in one place.

      • Advanced FSM platforms even allow you to:
        • Build and process invoices and estimates in the platform
        • Create contracts and send to customers for signature via integrations that make the signature legally binding
        • Use your own custom workflows to fit exactly with your specific processes and ensure you have visibility on each job.



Keep better track of your inventory. FSM software keeps track of what parts are in stock, lets you know when to order more, and ensures your technicians have the right equipment for the job.

      • Advanced FSM platforms allow you to:
        • Download premade pricebooks 
        • Create your own price books



Stay connected with your customers more easily through impactful CRM features. Send them appointment confirmations, updates on job progress, and collect feedback—all from within the software.

      • Advanced  FSM platforms even allow you to:
        • Send your customers a link to review your business on various review sites which can lead to increased inbounds



Fleet tracking integrations within your FSM software ensure that you know where your company vehicles are at any given time. With live GPS tracking, you’ll be shown metrics like driving speed, vehicle use, idling time and more. You can also add landmarks or set geofence zones. 



Get insights into how your company is performing. The software can generate reports on things like job completion rates, customer satisfaction, and resource utilization.

      • Roll-up reporting and centralized access and billing available for franchises.



Most FSM softwares today also have a mobile app, meaning your technicians can use their mobile devices to access all the information they need while on the job. No more carrying around paper documents; everything is at their fingertips.

      • Advanced FSM platforms allow you to:
        • Operate on the platform in an “offline mode” for jobs that are located in areas without cell reception



FSM software can work seamlessly with your existing systems. Whether you’re using customer management or financial tools, integration ensures everything is connected and runs smoothly.


In simple terms, FSM software is like having a reliable and organized assistant that takes care of the nitty-gritty details, allowing you to focus more on scaling your company and providing excellent service to your customers. It’s about making your day-to-day operations simpler, more efficient, and ultimately, more profitable.

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